Newswire: FrameFlow To Open New Data Center


OTTAWA, CANADA. April 30th 2016. FrameFlow Software, the world leader in server monitoring software, announced today that they are opening a new data center.

“Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, they all have their own data centers. It’s time that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our competitors so today we are announcing that we are opening our own data center.” said Don Leclair, President and CEO of FrameFlow Software.

“We starting small.”, warned Mr. Leclair, as he and other FrameFlow officials escorted press representatives to the location of FrameFlow’s new data center. He continued, “A local networking entrepreneur has leased us some land at favorable rates and we were delighted that it already came with a structure that is just perfect for our first data center.”

Press officials gasped as Mr. Leclair undid a padlock and swung open a primitive door marked with a large X:


FrameFlow officials seemed to detect the unexpected reaction of the press corps but were unable to address their questions or concerns. When one press official asked if FrameFlow had ever seen a real corporate data center a FrameFlow spokesman replied “No, but we imagine they look a lot like ours. Maybe a bit larger.”

“Don’t be concerned” said Mr. Leclair. “It may look a little rough but as you can see it is packed with advanced technology that will be the basis for our future expansion efforts.”


Industry analysts were unimpressed. “Some of us are having doubts about their strategy and execution. I mean, it makes no sense. Just look at the first picture. The door obviously does not face that way.”

FrameFlow shares (CSX:FRMFLOW) closed down 15% in after hours trading.

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