FrameFlow Newsletter – January 2015

FrameFlow v7.0.8 Released

FrameFlow v7.0.8 is hot off the presses and available for download. This version is a maintenance release that corrects a few recently discovered issues. In particular it fixes a problem where new installations were unable to add new IIS event monitors. We also fixed a problem with installing the FrameFlow API on Windows Server 2012 R2, fixed a problem with maintenance windows and failover monitoring, and more.

As always the complete list of changes can be found on our change log.

There are two known issues that are outstanding. One involves the Advanced Web Site event monitor where it can periodically fail with a message that says “No data was returned by the event monitor wrapper”. A second issue affects VMware monitoring where incorrect messages about system restarts and missing system health data are being reported at a couple of customer sites. We’re working on both of these and hope to have fixes soon. In the mean time, feel free to get in contact for updates.

FrameFlow 7.1 Where’s the Beta?

Last month we said that a beta for v7.1 was coming soon. This month, not much has changed! It’s taking us a bit longer implement some of the changes but we’re making rapid progress. In addition to the support for multiple alert levels (success, warning, error and critical) we’re making some user interface changes that we think will help you to quickly access to each major section of the FrameFlow interface. In the image below you can can see the new menu that organizes the major sections of the interface. The new design lets you focus on the area in which you are working and paves the way for future updates that will help us to deliver a better experience on tablets and other mobile devices.


The current builds of FrameFlow Server Monitor are quite stable but it’s taking more effort to make the changes necessary for FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor. We’ll stop predicting release dates until we’re a bit closer but in the mean time if you have questions or comments, send them our way.

Or if you’re really brave and want to try out one of our internal builds, warts and all, drop us a note.

Server Monitoring Industry News

We have a few hours to go before we say goodbye to January 2015 but so far it is looking like the first month in a while to go by without someone announcing a major security vulnerability in a widely used protocol. 

For Windows sysadmins, this month’s Patch Tuesday was relatively tame. It fixed one critical issue that affected the Telnet service. Telnet is one of the oldest protocols out there but we know from experience that some of you still need it to support older systems. If you’re one of them, be sure everything is locked down by network security and patch all your Windows systems. Complete details on the fixes provided can be found in the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary and we provided a summary in our blog post earlier this month.

Microsoft recently revealed more details Windows 10. There’s a lot of news about Surface Hub and HoloLens but not much about we can expect from Windows 10 Server or whatever they decide to call it. We’re going to dig into it a bit more so keep an eye on our site for a blog post on the subject early in February.

And In Other News… Lunar and Martian Rover Monitoring

Here is a sneak peek at a secret FrameFlow project.

Press Release:
FrameFlow Announces Event Monitors for Lunar and Martian Rovers

Just like FrameFlow v7.1, we have not announced a release date but rest assured that this represents our most ambitious monitoring effort to date.

The FrameFlow Support Team
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