FrameFlow Newsletter – January 2016

FrameFlow 2016.1 Released

Our first update for 2016 was released yesterday and is available to all customers with active maintenance plans. This update is mostly a bug fix release and it fixes a number of issues related to email summaries and dashboard displays. If you’re running on an earlier version we recommend that you upgrade when you can so you can take advantage of our latest and greatest.

Coming Soon

Since November we have been working on the next major FrameFlow update and we think you’re going to really like what’s coming your way.

Many of you use our free SNMP browser to identify the OIDs and symbolic names you want to use with FrameFlow’s SNMP event monitor. In the next release we are integrating an SNMP browser right in the FrameFlow interface. That means you can scan a device, select a set of OIDs and automatically populate the settings for an SNMP event monitor. When it is available you’ll find it in the Tools section of the interface.

We’re also improving dashboards adding a new analog clock option, a new panel type to show logbook entries and more control over fonts and sizes. Along the way we’re extending our option to cycle between dashboards by letting you select which dashboards will be displayed and specify display times for them individually.

That’s just a small sample of what we’re working on and we’ll have more to share in our next newsletter.

The timing for this update is not yet cast in stone but we are aiming for mid March.

FrameFlow Newswire

That’s all for now but before you go, check out our latest side project which is focused on helping us keep in contact with our customers no matter where they are in the world.

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