FrameFlow Newsletter – July 2014


It’s been a busy month here at FrameFlow headquarters. Since the release of v7.0 we’ve been hard at work polishing it and rounding it out with new features.

Version 7.0: Major New Features

Version 7.0 introduced many new features. First and foremost is a completely new interface that is both elegant and speedy. The interface in v6.x was fast but those of you who are monitoring 1000+ systems will see big improvements in v7.0. In addition, we also added automated discovery, inventory reports, maintenance windows and much more. It’s our latest and greatest release and we encourage you to upgrade.

Current Release: 7.0.4

We’ve issued a number of maintenance updates since v7.0 was launched and along the way we’ve also added some new features. Version 7.0.4 is the current release and it includes these new options:

  • New options in IIS event monitor to warn about sites and application pools that are stopped.
  • Added support for Exchange 2013 counters in the Exchange Performance event monitor.
  • Added full international character support for the interface when running both on IIS and on the integrated web server.
  • Added 20 new icons for use with network diagrams.
  • Improved search bar readability with icons for item types.

Cloud Alert

Over the last three months we’ve added many new Cloud Alert subscribers. Cloud Alert lets you get alerts by SMS text message and voice telephone call. FrameFlow has supported this for ages, but… you needed to get a voice modem or SMS/GPRS modem. In the world of universal broadband and integrated 3G, modems are going the way of the dinosaur. With Cloud Alert, your FrameFlow installation connects to servers that we host in the cloud and we deliver the alerts to your phones and mobile devices.

What if your outside connectivity is down, or your FrameFlow server is unreachable or completely down? We still have you covered. With CloudAlert, your installation (optionally) calls home to our hosted systems on a regular basis. If we don’t hear from it for a specified amount of time, we raise the alarm with voice and/or text alerts to your IT staff.


Drop us a note and we’ll set you up with a 30-day trial so you can see for yourself how awesome CloudAlert is.

Keep In Contact

As always, if you have any questions just drop us a note because we’re always happy to help in any way we can.

The FrameFlow Support Team
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