FrameFlow Newsletter – July 2016

Version 2016.4 Released

We’re a day late with this month’s newsletter but we’ll make up for it with some great new annoucements.

We released our fourth update for 2016 on July 6th and we’ve been getting great feedback about it. In that release we found and fixed a number of user interface issues that had been discovered since the previous release. There’s an important fix for maintenance windows that cross the midnight boundary, a fix for protocol selection in the drive space event monitor and a longer list of fixes for relatively minor issues.

New Web Site

If you haven’t dropped by our web site lately, stop by to check out our new design and content. We reworked practically everything to give it a modern look and feel, make it look great on mobile devices and make sure each page loads lightning fast.

Version 2016.5

Next week we are expecting to release v2016.5 which will build on this month’s release. The major updates in it are performance related. In v2016.5 multi-site communications have been optimized to reduce bandwidth usage and improve performance. We also made major updates to our SNMP engine with some actions now running ten times faster than before. It’s due in the first week of August so keep an eye out for it.

UPS Monitoring

We’ve got a lot of great new features coming your way. One thing we recently completed is a new event monitor for UPS’s. It was always possible to monitor them using our SNMP event monitor but this new event monitor will make it super simple. You can read more about it in our blog posting here:

It won’t be officially available until a later release but if you’re eager to try it now, let us know and we can get you access to a pre-release.

FrameFlow Newswire

That’s all for this month but before you go, check out our latest press release:

Press Release: Verizon Drops Bid for FrameFlow, Acquires Yahoo! Instead


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