FrameFlow Newsletter – June 2016

Version 2016.4 Coming Soon

Since last’s month’s release of v2016.3 we have received lots of feedback. We’re hearing that everyone loves the new network diagramming abilities and we’ve seen some of the amazing dashboards that you guys are building with them. Related to this are the new key metrics options which have also received great reviews.

To deliver the new functionality in v2016.3 we had to rework a lot of things under the hood and this resulted in a number of issues that we have been working to correct. If you log into your account on our site you’ll see that a v2016.4 pre-release is available. It is very stable and includes fixes for a number of reported issues. The official v2016.4 release is only a few days away. It will include some performance enhancements and fixes for a few additional items that turned up in our testing this week.

Next Major Release

We’re already working on the next major update. As you probably saw we added HP iLO monitoring in v2016.3. The next major update will add the same for Dell servers using their iDrac system. We’re also looking at NetFlow monitoring, improved VMware monitoring, disk i/o monitoring, improved Linux monitoring and much more. If any of those things made you shout “I need that now!” then send us a short note to register your vote.

FrameFlow Newswire

That’s all for this month but before you go, check out our latest press release which talks about how FrameFlow might be coming soon to a place near you.

Press Release: FrameFlow Announces World Tour


The FrameFlow Support Team
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