FrameFlow Newsletter – March 2015

FrameFlow v2015.2 Beta 2

You’ve probably already noticed a change in the title of this section. Starting with the next release we are switching to a new versioning strategy that is based on the year and the release number. Since the last release was in January, our next one will be labeled v2015.2.

We have a new beta version ready for you to try. To get your hands on it, you can log into your account on our site where you’ll find a link to the setup. This release builds on the first beta version which added:

– New support for success, warning, error and critical event levels in all event monitors.
– New menu bar that groups major user interface sections together.
– Lightning fast response time in all parts of the user interface.
– Redesigned device discovery and system properties updates.

The new beta adds:

– Even faster user interface response times.
– New performance counter monitoring options.
– New shared folders monitoring options.
– New options for searching event history records and exporting them to PDFs.
– And many other smaller new items and fixes for reported issues.

Beta 2 is also now available for FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor users.

As with Beta 1, we do not recommend that you install on production systems, but feel free to take it for a spin by installing it on a virtual machine. We’re looking to gather as much feedback as we can so get in touch with your comments and suggestions.

Server Monitoring Industry News

Patch Tuesday fell on the 10th of March and it included 14 fixes with 5 of them rated as critical and the rest rated as important. One of the fixes addresses the “FREAK” vulnerability that was recently found to affect almost all HTTP/SSL implementations. Fixing this one is critical, so if you’re behind on your patching schedule, make some room now and get your systems updated.

To get an understanding of why it’s important to patch for this vulnerability see our blog post called “FREAK” Vulnerability (CVE2015-0204): Pretty Much All Systems are Exposed. In that post we explain the interesting history behind the vulnerability and provide an overview of the cryptographic implications.

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