FrameFlow Newsletter – March 2016

March 2016 Newsletter

The development effort for the next major release is wrapping up now and we’ll soon be entering the testing phase. Here is a short list of some the major improvements coming your way:

  • Improved network diagrams with the ability to select multiple items, group items, align and distribute them.
  • Ability to add multiple devices to a network diagram at a time.
  • New dashboard panel types for clocks, batteries and logbook entry lists.
  • New SNMP discovery options to detect systems and convert selected SNMP values into device tags.
  • New HP iLO4 event monitor for monitoring hardware status.
  • New failover monitoring options for multi-site installations.
  • New status tabs for devices and event monitors with configurable key metrics.
  • New SNMP browser integrated in the interface with ability to create new SNMP event monitors.
  • Ability to select which dashboards will rotate and specify intervals for each.
  • New dashboard graph display style options.

Those are just the main line features. Also included will be numerous smaller updates and changes. The release date has not yet been cast in stone as it will depend on what issues are found during testing. We plan to have at least one beta release before the official one and if you’re interested in signing up for that you can send mail to

FrameFlow Newswire

This month we’re very excited to announce a brand new FrameFlow product that brings monitoring to completely new levels.

See our press release for complete details:

Press Release: FrameFlow Announces New Cloud-Based Monitoring Service


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