Update on v2017.1

We have been testing v2017.1 at a number of customer sites and the results have been pretty amazing. Not only are there lots of new features but we are seeing that our hard work on optimization has really paid off. That means you can monitor more systems with less resources and monitor more conditions on tighter schedules.

For some technical details on the work we’ve done and the results we have measured you can see our recent blog post called “Dramatic Increase in Monitoring Throughput“.

v2017.1 Public Beta

We hoped to have a public beta ready in time for this newsletter but we needed a bit more time to iron out a few last minute issues. That’s almost done now and we’ll have a public beta available for you mid next week.

When it is available we’ll announce it on our blog so remember pop by there mid next week to get the details on how to get your hands on the beta.

FrameFlow Newswire

As you know here at FrameFlow we’re all about innovation and here is more proof of it.
Today we are happy to announce support for a new class of notifications based on the official standard called RFC 2549:

Newswire: FrameFlow to Support RFC 2549 Notifications