FrameFlow Newsletter – May 2015

Timing Flaw Discovered in Windows Ping Utility 

It’s pretty rare to discover a flaw in a core networking component of Windows, but that’s what happened here at FrameFlow a couple of weeks ago. We were working with a partner who was seeing strange ping timeouts at a customer site where the network was known to be rock solid.

Our investigation took us deep down into the internals of Windows and we eventually found a timing flaw that affects the Windows ping utility and pretty much any other Windows software that uses ping requests.

See our blog post Timing Flaw Discovered in Windows Ping Utility for the full story on how we discovered and worked around this problem.

FrameFlow v2015.2 Update

Our big update is just around the corner! Beta 3 has been in the hands of customers for several weeks and we’ve been getting great feedback. Beta 3 was the first release that was approved for production environments. Its new speedier interface has received a lot of compliments and we’ve had lots of positive comments about the new functionality. If you’re excited to take advantage of the new features, log into your account on our site and download the beta. Or if you prefer, wait for the official release which we are targeting for Tuesday June 9th.

Server Monitoring Industry News

Patch Tuesday fell on the 12th of May and it included 13 fixes with 3 of them rated as critical and the rest rated as important. The critical fixes were for issues with Windows, the .NET Framework, Office, Lync, Silverlight and of course Internet Explorer. For complete details see the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for May 2015.

Microsoft released the first public preview of SQL Server 2016. Some of the highlights include the ability to track historical data changes, improved options for availability and replication, and a cool new feature called Query Data Store, which they say “acts as a flight data recorder for a database.” This gives a history of queries and their performance so database administrators can tune and optimize expensive queries.

FrameFlow Newswire

That’s all for this newsletter, but before you get back to business, be sure to check out the latest from FrameFlow Newswire:

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