Newswire: FrameFlow Announces New Line of Fashion Accessories


PARIS, FRANCE. December 31st 2015. This week, top moguls from both the fashion and technology industries crowded a large hall in central Paris to watch as FrameFlow unveiled a new line of fashion accessories designed for busy network and system administrators.

First on the catwalk was a model sporting the new FrameFlow 3550 Courier Bag. Designed to mimic the look and feel of familiar networking technology this tote bag features a faux bank of twenty four 100 megabit ports and a supple shoulder strap that doubles as a console cable in a pinch.


Said FrameFlow’s CFO (Chief Fashion Officer) “To the untrained eye it may look like a regular Cisco 3550 but it’s actually a convenient courier bag with ample room to store a tablet and maybe couple of sandwiches too.” The image above shows the 24 port model which will retail for $5000 USD. FrameFlow also plans to release a more compact 16 port model as well as a tiny 4 port pocket purse for storing USB keys and spare swipe badges.

Next were a series of models displaying the FrameFlow RJ45 Bracelet in a variety of colors. Shown below is the RJ45 Bracelet in “FrameFlow Blue”. At launch time it will also be available in “Disk Almost Full Yellow” and “The Core Switch is On Fire Red”. The FrameFlow RJ45 Bracelet will come in three additional varieties called CAT5 ($200), CAT5e ($300) and CAT6 ($1000).


Said Anna Wintour, chief editor of Vogue Magazine, “Google Glass was a dismal flop and the Apple Watch has not met fashion industry expectations but here at this show it is obvious that FrameFlow has been the one to get it right when it comes to wearable technology.”

FrameFlow shares (CSX:FRMFLOW) on the Cambodian Stock Exchange closed up 50 cents on the news.

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