Newswire: FrameFlow Announces New Cloud-Based Monitoring Service


OTTAWA, CANADA. March 31st 2016. At a packed press conference at their world headquarters in Ottawa, FrameFlow officials announced today a new cloud-based monitoring service.

Said FrameFlow CEO Donald Leclair, “Everyone knows that the cloud is the future and today I’m delighted to announce FrameFlow’s first cloud-based solution. It’s cloud-based monitoring like you’ve never seen before.”

FrameFlow’s plan proposes to deploy AWACS surveillance aircraft circling over customer sites at 35,000 feet and use them to monitor all communications 24×7. FrameFlow says their new electromagnetic frequency monitoring (EMFM) technology eliminates the need for appliances or remote nodes giving them a distinct marketplace advantage.

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When asked how a relatively small company like FrameFlow could afford the capital cost to deploy these offerings company officials would only say that they had secured funding from an unnamed source. The identity of that unnamed source has been the cause of speculation and whispers in the general IT community.

The Q&A session which followed the announcement turned tense at one point as reporters probed company officials about their funding source and about recent activities:

Press: “Can FrameFlow confirm or deny that last week Mr. Leclair was seen the secure campus of the NSA in Langley Virginia?”

FrameFlow: “Mr. Leclair’s schedule and agenda are private and we can’t comment on them.”

Press: “He’s sitting right next to you drinking from a coffee mug with the NSA logo on it!”

FrameFlow: “Err, that stands for the National, err, Sailing Association. Mr. Leclair is an avid sailor, aren’t you Mr. Leclair?”

Leclair: “Yes, I am. Really into sailing.”

Shortly afterwards guards in dark suits and covert earpieces declared that the session was over and escorted press officials out of the hall.

FrameFlow shares (CSX:FRMFLOW) closed down 5 points on the news.

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