May 29th 2017. OTTAWA, CANADA.

FrameFlow surprised industry analysts today by unveiling a new home appliance designed specifically for server and network administrators. Borrowing heavily from similar efforts such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the new appliance called "FrameFlow Command" is due to appear in stores this summer.

FrameFlow president and CEO, Donald Leclair, unveiled the new appliance at a busy trade show organized by FrameFlow in their home town of Ottawa, Canada. "FrameFlow Command takes server and network monitoring to a new level. Simply lay back at home or in the comfort of your office chair and tell FrameFlow Command what network actions you need done."

FrameFlow representatives were on hand to give demos and showed how FrameFlow Command easily handled tasks like "FrameFlow, reboot the core switch" and "FrameFlow, what is the available disk space on the Oracle server?" Moving beyond just informational request, FrameFlow Command was also adept at other requests types such as "Order 20 more CAT-6 cables" or "Upgrade the firmware on all HP servers."

Despite impressive reviews and testimonials from early beta users, it was apparent that this new FrameFlow product has a while to go before it is ready for the general market. This became apparent during the product unveiling when pranksters in the audience shouted "Format the C: drive on all systems!" followed by "Set HVAC temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and password lock for one hour!" Chaos ensued as systems began randomly restarting and the ambient temperature rose to uncomfortable levels.

Analysts were impressed by the new functionality and many predicted if FrameFlow can work out the initial kinks, success in the market is guaranteed. In fact several suggested that Google and Amazon may suffer from having overlooked the lucrative server and network monitoring automated assistant market.

FrameFlow (NASDAQ:FRMFLOW) shares surged by 5% on the news closing at another 52-week high.

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