FrameFlow Denies Collusion with Russian Officials

June 30th 2017. OTTAWA, CANADA.

Investors, employees and senior staff members at FrameFlow have been left reeling after a New York Times article has suggested that FrameFlow top brass colluded with Russian officials to influence their position in the network and server monitoring market.

FrameFlow president and CEO Donald Leclair addressed a press gallery and denied any and all Russian connections. Speaking to the gallery he said, "I know some of you have suspicions but trust me, they are unfounded. Totally unfounded. Like that rumor that we're going to rebrand as поток кадров. Nonsense! I can't even pronounce it!".

Pounding on the podium, Mr. Leclair shouted "Now get back to the real news about server and network monitoring. Ask me about CPU usage! Ask me about iDRAC monitoring! That's how we're going to make server monitoring great again!"

Meanwhile investigative reporters who were casing the area behind FrameFlow's world headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, discovered various discarded signs and placards all clearly reading "поток кадров" which roughly translates to "Stream of Frames" along with other snippets and slogans in Cyrillic.

There was an enormous billboard reading "Сделать мониторинг сервера еще более", the equivalent of "Make server monitoring even more".

Nearby investigators discovered stacks of pamphlets in Russian script. And finally a handwritten note that read, in part, "Дорогой Владимир, вы имеете дело с неправильным Дональдом"

President and CEO Donald Leclair, vehemently denied any accusation of collusion saying, "Dear members of the press, I know that it has become your habit to accuse some Donalds of collusion with Russian but please do not tar all of us Donalds with the same brush."

Despite the efforts of FrameFlow officials, market analysts were unconvinced. FrameFlow (NASDAQ:FRMFLOW) shares dropped 15% in after market trading.

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