Newswire: FrameFlow Second?


Solarwinds, we get it, you’re first in the server and networking monitoring market. You’re a giant multi-billion dollar corporation. Big. Really big. We get it.

But still, dear friends at Solarwinds, please take a moment to consider this: Solarwinds will always be first but maybe, just maybe, could it be FrameFlow second?

Just think about it, we have sooooo much in common. I mean it’s huge. Really huge. You went public in 2008. We went public too! Sure, it didn’t work out exactly like we planned but we tried!

You expanded into new technology areas like database performance analysis and virtualization management. We expanded into new areas too! It hasn’t paid off for us yet, but we’re sure it won’t be long now.

You’ve got great leadership. We do too! Believe us, when it comes to the leading thing nobody’s better than us. Nobody. Except maybe you. Cause you’re great too. Really great.

You guys probably have a fancy data center. So do we! Seriously, you’ve probably never seen anything like it. You’re probably a bit jealous but that’s okay. We’ll build one of them for you too if you want. We know a guy. He’s great. I mean really, really great. Smart too, sooooo smart. You can trust us on how great your new data center will be.

You should make sure we are second because there are soooooo many advantages. Seriously so many. Advantages. For example, we’re Canadian! So on those occasions when we take a customer away from you, we’re always so apologetic. We’re all like, “Man, we’re sooooo sorry. We told them to go with you guys, but they bought our software anyway. We feel terrible about it. It probably won’t happen again.” Your other competitors could never be so sincere and sympathetic. Never. Not in a million years. Seriously… not… in… a… million… years.

So while you’re busy dominating the server and network monitoring business and “Making Monitoring Great Again,” please take a moment to think about how you can make a little bit of room for us. We’re not asking for much.

When it comes down to it, just remember: “Solarwinds, first. FrameFlow second.”

It’s our new company motto!