Newswire: FrameFlow Still Does Not Accept Result of US Election


WASHINGTON, DC. NOVEMBER 30th 2016. For the last several weeks FrameFlow President and CEO, Donald Leclair, has been ensconced in the main boardroom at the top of the company’s FrameFlow Tower, seemingly in denial of the recent U.S. election results.

FrameFlow World Headquarters
FrameFlow World Headquarters

Said Mr. Leclair in a press release “As you know, the recounts are in progress and when the results are fully in we are guaranteed to capture a majority of electoral college votes. Meanwhile, my first objectives are to set up our transition team, select a cabinet, and then get to work for the American people. “

That said, there has been growing concern in the general public, and among professional psychiatrists in particular, about Mr. Leclair’s suitability for the role. As an example, some have cited how he was spotted in the furniture section at a local Pottery Barn looking for “a nice solid cabinet, not too expensive though” while waving off a clerk who was trying describe the concept of a government cabinet.

FrameFlow's First Cabinet Choice
FrameFlow’s First Cabinet Choice

Concerns grew further when it was later revealed that his second cabinet picks consisted entirely of his favorite childhood teddy bears. Press microphones stationed outside of the FrameFlow boardroom, where Mr. Leclair has holed himself up, recorded murmurs with someone saying “There, there Mr. Bubbles you will make a fine Secretary of State. Don’t be jealous Boo Bear. You can be my Defense Secretary. I’ll visit you at the Pentagon.”


Political analysts dismissed this latest FrameFlow effort as simple denial of facts. One went so far as to question the judgement of Mr. Leclair and his inner circle, saying “Look at the first cabinet pick. Even I can tell you it is clearly a buffet and not a cabinet.”

FrameFlow shares (CSX:FRMFLOW) closed down 6 points on the news.

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