FrameFlow Newsletter – November 2014

Coming Soon: FrameFlow v7.0.7

We’ve been working on v7.0.7 and it’s nearing release. It will be a maintenance-only update designed to fix a few reported issues. Some noteworthy items to be addressed include: a dashboard editing issue, a rare problem with the import/export of configurations and some issues with assigning maintenance profiles.

Version 7.1 Update

The first beta release of v7.1 is just a few weeks away. If you want early access to v7.1, drop us a note at If you’re a registered customer, you are automatically eligible to try the beta.

What’s coming in v7.1? The biggest change is support for multiple status levels. Instead of just success and failure you’ll have thresholds for success, warning, failure and critical failure. Each one will have a consistent user interface status allowing you to quickly identify and prioritize network and server issues.

Server Monitoring Industry News

The biggest news for Windows sysadmins was the MS14-068 vulnerability announced by Microsoft. This vulnerability allows a user with restricted permissions to escalate to domain administrator privileges and Microsoft reports that attacks have been seen in the wild. Microsoft has officially stated that, “the only way a domain compromise can be remediated with a high level of certainty is a complete rebuild of the domain,” so it’s critical that all Windows admins apply this patch immediately.

Verifying MS14-068 is Patched

Did you know that you can use FrameFlow to make sure the patches for MS14-068 have been installed? Check out our blog post that describes how to use our File Event Monitor to get alerts about any systems that have not been patched. Microsoft recommends patching your domain controllers first, so be sure to make this your priority.

Keep In Contact

As always, if you have any questions just drop us a note, because we’re always happy to help in any way we can.

The FrameFlow Support Team
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