FrameFlow Newsletter – November 2015

FrameFlow 2015.7 Released

The long awaited v2015.7 was released on November 13th and has seen wide distribution over the last couple of weeks. We’re getting very positive feedback about the new dashboards with people saying that they load much faster than previously and offer a lot more options.

The new security model which offers a lot more granular control is also getting great reviews especially from larger organizations that have 10 or more FrameFlow users working together.

We’ve had a few bug reports. In particular there’s an issue affecting the Windows Event Log event monitor where it will alert about the number of entries in a log file even if that option is not selected. This problem was introduced by accident when we fixed a different problem that affected monitoring but luckily it is easy to work around. Just enable the option to warn based on the number of log entries but set the thresholds high to something like 50000000.

In mid December there will be a v2015.8 release that will include a fix for the above problem as well as a number of others that were recently discovered.

FrameFlow Newswire

Things here at FrameFlow have been very busy and we’ve signed on many new customers over the last fiscal quarter. As a result we’re sure you will not be surprised by our latest press release:

Press Release: FrameFlow Announces Plans to Go Public

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