FrameFlow Newsletter – November 2016

Version 2016.6 Released

This month we were very excited to release FrameFlow v2016.6 our sixth major release this year and one of the biggest updates ever.

The list of new features is long but some of the highlights include many new graphing options for dashboards, Dell iDRAC hardware monitoring, Syslog monitoring, Disk I/O monitoring, UPS monitoring and much, much more.

For complete details you can see our change log.

We’re only seeing one hiccup: Some customers have seen delays in monitoring after installing v2016.6. To work around this simply edit your config.ini file and add this at the bottom:


Then restart the FrameFlow services and you’ll be back in business.

Dell iDRAC Monitoring

Almost all Dell servers include a special hardware feature that keeps track of hardware status. It’s called iDRAC and it has juicy details about RAID drive status, power supply redundancy, chassis intrusion and more.

Our v2016.6 includes a new event monitor that communicates with the iDRAC interface and alerts about any failed items. It’s a great way to quickly detect issues that could snowball into disasters.

To give it a whirl you can upgrade to v2016.6 or if you prefer, read all about it in our blog post called Dell iDRAC Monitoring.

FrameFlow Newswire

November was a big month when it comes to politics and we feel the need to wrap it up with our own important announcement:

FrameFlow Still Does Not Accept Result of US Election