FrameFlow Newsletter – October 2014

FrameFlow v7.0.6 Released

We released v7.0.6 last week and it includes new features as well as a set of fixes for reported issues. In this release we redesigned the dialog box for adding event monitors, added a new option to the file event monitor, tweaked the parsing for Active Notifications and fixed a number of user interface issues.

Version 7.1 Update

We’re still working hard on v7.1 and we’re on schedule to have the first beta available in about four weeks. Last month we told you about the new multi-level alerts that will be included and this month we can tell you a bit more. Some other additions will be a new panel dashboard element showing system health status and a new notification action for marking events as viewed. Plus, we’re reworking the way discovery and inventory tracking are done; the result will be an improved design that is much more intuitive.

Server Monitoring Industry News

Another month and another security vulnerability is in the news. This time it is CVE­-2014­-3566 or “POODLE,” a flaw that was recently discovered in the SSL v3 protocol. Vendors are busy rolling out patches to disable support for SSL v3. For Windows admins, some great suggestions for disabling it on IIS can be found in this thread on Server Fault.

Did you know that you can use FrameFlow Server Monitor to check that your systems have the patch for IIS installed?

For complete details, see the recent POODLE Patch Post on our blog including: how to set up a Registry event monitor to automatically check all your IIS systems.

Keep In Contact

As always, if you have any questions just drop us a note, because we’re always happy to help in any way we can.

The FrameFlow Support Team
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P.S. Boo! Happy Halloween!