FrameFlow Newsletter – October 2015

October Release…

Here we are on the last work day of October and still no release! We’re running behind schedule but only because we’ve been busy adding great new features. See below for the highlights about what to expect.

Dashboard Updates

Recapping what we said in last month’s newsletter, the classic dashboards are history. The new panel dashboards have been updated in a thousand ways and can now do everything the classic dashboards did and much more. Along the way we tuned and optimized everything so load times and update times are almost instantaneous. If you’ve invested a lot of time in your classic dashboards, there’s no need to worry. They will still work just like they did before but panel dashboards are the way forward.

Security Model Updates

You guys have been asking for more flexibility in how rights are assigned to users and we’re delivering on that. You can still select from the standard list of roles but we’ve added a new Custom role. Do you want a user to have read only access to devices but full control over event monitors? No problem! How about a user that can view everything but also pause and resume devices? Easy peasy! The changes we made also lay the foundation for even more granular security rights and we’ll be building on that in future releases.

Network Diagrams

In the network diagrams we’ve added options for dynamic line elements. That means you can associate a line with an event monitor and have the line reflect the event monitor’s status. The classic example is having an SNMP Bandwidth event monitor that watches the traffic on an important link. Now the size and color of the line can reflect the current traffic levels.

Multi-Site Improvements

For those of you who are using our multi-site edition, you’ll see a few improvements that are specific to your version. First, the multi-site dashboards are now panel-based and include new panel types for cross site status. Also, we reworked the way in which remote nodes communicate with the master console. The results are improved recovery time and much leaner communications.

Release Date

We need about two more weeks to iron out a few remaining issues and then v2015.7 will be ready to go out the door. We’re targeting Monday November 16th and we feel pretty good about meeting that deadline.

FrameFlow Newswire

As usual we have been busy in multiple areas. Based on our track record we don’t think any of you will be surprised to learn that we are about to release a full length motion picture with a plot line that sysadmins around the world are guaranteed to find riveting. See the following press release for complete details.Press Release: FrameFlow Announces Feature Length Motion PictureSincerely, The FrameFlow Support Team email: twitter: website: FrameFlow: Keep the Servers Going, Keep Your Network Flowing