FrameFlow Newsletter – October 2016

Version 2016.6 Update

It’s still October isn’t it? We’re a day late with this newsletter but only because we’ve been working hard on the big 2016.6 update which is coming soon.

You’ve probably already heard about the new Disk I/O event monitor, the new Dell iDRAC monitor, UPS monitor and more, but this update is about more than just monitoring.

We’ve also worked hard to redesign how graphs are handled throughout the product. In particular you’ll now be able to combine multiple data points onto single graphs, even if they are different data types. For example you can graph CPU usage versus bandwidth or just use it to show multiple bandwidth values all on one graph.

We are aiming for an official release of 2016.6 on November 8th so keep an eye out for it.

Failover Monitoring

Did you know that you can have a secondary FrameFlow system that takes over the monitoring if your primary one is down?

We call it failover monitoring and recently we expanded it so you can use failover monitoring in multi-site mode too. 

Learn all about it in our blog post called “Failover Options in FrameFlow“.

FrameFlow Newswire

With the U.S. election just days away we think this is a good time to share something with you that has been on our minds for a while:

FrameFlow Will Not Accept Result of US Election