FrameFlow Newsletter – September 2015

October Release

We are still on target to release the next major update in October and we can share a few more details now. We’ve been working hard on improving our dashboards with updates to the dashboard editor and adding new panel types.

For a long time now there have been the “classic” dashboards and the newer “panel” dashboards. Both types were necessary because some things were possible only in classic dashboards but others looked much better in panel dashboards. With the October release the panel dashboards will finally catch up and surpass the classic ones including network diagram panels, web page panels and much more. You’ll still be able to build and edit classic dashboards but going forward panel dashboards will be the way to go.

The image below shows the new dialog box for selecting panel types. It makes it much easy to find the type you are looking for and even better, panels can now be re-sized with the mouse instead of having to specify dimensions in the panel settings.

October Release: More Details

Also coming in October are improvements to our multi-site edition. We’ve reworked the multi-site communications to dramatically reduce the amount of data transferred and optimized the recovery procedure that occurs after a remote node has been unable to call home for an extended time. We’re also adding event monitors including a new one to monitor ilo4 stats on HP servers.

Server Monitoring Industry News

This month’s Patch Tuesday delivered 12 fixes for your Windows desktops and servers. Five of the fixes were labelled as Critical as they present remote code execution opportunities. Affected products include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office as well as core Windows components.

FrameFlow Newswire

Lastly, we’re very excited to announce a brand new product line that we feel is a perfect fit for our existing server monitoring customers.

See the following press release for complete details.

Press Release: FrameFlow Announces a New Line of Fragrances for Server Monitoring Professionals

The FrameFlow Support Team
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