FrameFlow Newsletter – September 2016

Version 2016.6 Pre-Release

Have you tried the prerelease for v2016.6? If not you can get it by logging into your account on our site. Some of the new features include:

  • A new Disk I/O event monitor.
  • A new Dell iDrac event monitor.
  • New SNMP UPS event monitor.
  • New filter options in the Directory event monitor.
  • New ability to assign custom icons to devices.
  • New slide out graphs for key metrics.
  • New ability to add device tags to key metrics.

That’s just few of them. For more details see our pre-release blog post.

This pre-release is not quite ready for production environments so we recommend using it in test environments only for now. The official release is expected three weeks from now.

SNMP Tips and Technical Details

If you use SNMP a lot in your environment then you’ll probably enjoy our blog post about how features in SNMPv2 can lead to huge performance improvements for monitoring, especially in high-latency environments.

By enabling SNMPv2 you can see performance gains of almost 20 times. Check out our Faster SNMP Monitoring with GetBulk. It’s a quick read with lots of great technical details.

FrameFlow Newswire

We’re catching up on our “special projects”. As you may have heard what is good enough for Google and Uber is good enough for us. Keep an eye out for one of our distinctive self-driving cars:

FrameFlow Announces Fleet of Self-Driving Cars

This month we have a special follow up which you can find here:

FrameFlow Cancels Plans for Fleet of Self-Driving Cars