Newswire: Verizon Drops Bid for FrameFlow, Acquires Yahoo Instead


OTTAWA, CANADA. July 31st 2016. Various technology media sites are now reporting that Verizon has dropped it’s bid to acquire FrameFlow Software and has instead reached a deal to acquire Yahoo! for $4.8 billion.

FrameFlow CEO, Donald Leclair, was quoted as saying “I’ll admint that we are a bit disappointed. That four billion dollars would have come in handy. We were going to upgrade our computers, maybe buy a new coffee maker for the lunch room, and you know spruce up the place a bit.”

Industry analysts agreed that Yahoo! was a much better fit for Verizon especially given the synergy it will likely have with American Online and other similar entities recently acquired by Verizon.

In a hastily organized press conference, FrameFlow officials, disputed analyst claims but accepted that the deal with Verizon was off and that the corporation’s future looked uncertain.


With his voice breaking a little bit Mr. Leclair said “At this point we’re not sure what to do. We’ve already printed five hundred thousand FrameFlow Starter CDs which were due to go out in all major print publications this fall. What can we do with them now?”

Soon after the press conference was closed abruptly and reporters were ushered out, but press microphones could detect sobs from the other side of the closed door and someone shouting “Those bastards at Verizon! They’ve ruined us! Now how will I re-launch our takeover bid for Google?”

In separate news, FrameFlow has announced a new Etsy store featuring clocks, coasters, hanging ornaments and mini Frisbees all based on used compact discs.

FrameFlow shares (CSX:FRMFLOW) down 12% on the news.

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