FrameFlow Server Monitoring Integrates with Slack
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FrameFlow Server Monitoring Alerts Now on Slack for Mission Critical Solutions

Effective Notifications and Coordinated Resolutions For IT Performance Issues

When one of your mission critical IT systems or servers gets bogged down, you want to know about it, in ways that are digestible and can help you pinpoint and resolve the issues, without having to sift through the flow of alerts you are receiving.
After gaining an initial awareness of any critical IT performance issues, in all likelihood you will then need to coordinate with you team members to resolve the situation.

At FrameFlow, we recognize that notification flow needs to be flexible and tailored to the specific needs of a particular IT team and its individual members. We all want to get our important notifications asap, but without being swamped by a flood of lower priority issues, especially when we’re being hit by a major system failure.

Our IT systems and server monitoring software allows you to control the rates at which you are given important alerts, based on a threshold that you determine. When the number of alerts being produced exceeds this threshold, you’ll be sent summary messages at regular intervals instead of alerts for each individual condition. When the issues are addressed and the volume of alerts decreases, FrameFlow will revert back to sending you alerts for individual conditions, based on your predetermined threshold rate and the delivery methods you choose.

Our alerts are customizable to individual needs, priorities and roles, with solid redundancy in case one of your primary alert channels like email or sms goes down. With email notifications, for example, Frameflow allows you to designate back up email servers, by priority, so as to avoid the possibility that a failing system or server will stop you from getting alerts about that particular server, or any other IT system.

Email Remains A Very Popular & Growing Communication Channel

Given its maturity over the past couple of decades, and the versatility of email for facilitating in depth digital communications, especially in secure corporate or public sector environments, it’s no surprise that email remains a popular channel for receiving notifications and alerts, of various levels and types, and is widely used with FrameFlow.

Despite the abundance of communication platforms at our disposal, all competing for our attention, email usage and adoption continues to grow around the world in 2017 and into the foreseeable future:

In 2017, the number of worldwide email users will top 3.7 billion. By the end of 2021, the number of worldwide email users will be over 4.1 billion. Approximately half of the worldwide population uses email in 2017. – Radicati Email Statistics Report 2017-2021

SMS Messages and Phone Calls Cut Through the Noise

Frameflow can also send you concise alerts, via SMS text messaging, to get your phone vibrating, for perhaps more critical notifications such as the CPU usage on one of your most important servers, or the humidity level in your server room. Our system can also call you, if your customized ring tone is more likely to cut through the noise and grab your attention.

Email, SMS and alerts by way of direct calls to your cell phone are all highly used channels that FrameFlow takes full of advantage of to deliver timely alerts wherever you happen to be.

Collaboration Key to Solving Multiple IT Performance Issues

In 2016, we took a closer look at the element of collaboration, often essential when resolving the vast range of monitoring types Frameflow can deploy, not only on servers, but on virtually any IT device with an IP address. What’s more, FrameFlow can easily monitor ten’s of thousands of devices on a single install. This versatility and scalability can give you a bird’s eye view of any performance issues that might be developing across your networks and various peripherals. We’re also aiming to find effective tools to assist your team in the resolution of these issues.

As of our software update last fall, v2016.6, we now offer FrameFlow integratrion with an additional popular communication channel, Slack, to assist in the collaborative problem solving efforts of your IT teams.

Here at FrameFlow, we’re big fans of Slack, which has tremendously benefited out internal development process as we coordinate our continued efforts to provide a world class server and IT systems monitoring solution… and we know we’re far from alone in this adoption, which has been growing exponentially over the last few years.

Last year, Slack had over 3 million highly-active, power users:

These users aren’t just popping in to check notifications. They live in Slack. The average user spends 10 hours per weekday plugged into Slack. The tool saw 320 million minutes of active usage per weekday… which comes out to 140 minutes per user per weekday. – Tech Crunch

Slack’s growing professional user base, especially within the IT community, is one of many reasons we’re pleased to integrate with this hot application.

Select Your Slack Channels to Receive Notifications from FrameFlow

FrameFlow now includes the ability to publish monitoring alerts to selected Slack channels, and also allows you to show a Slack channel in real time in one of our dashboards. These features help IT staff coordinate and track their efforts as they deal with various performance issues throughout the day.

We’ve also included the option to add a new dashboard panel in FrameFlow, showing the contents of a selected Slack channel, which is perfect for centralized viewing on a big screen in your operations room. This way the entire team can simultaneously see what issues are surfacing, who’s taking the required corrective actions, and how much progress is being made… all in real time!

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At Frameflow we are committed to providing timely alerts and notifications about the performance and status of your servers, networks and various IT systems on the channels most IT professionals rely on to keep up to speed, such as email, SMS and direct calls. We also want to assist the coordination of yours team’s efforts to resolve any issues detected by our software, which is one reason we now offer alerts on Slack, in ways that are visible and useful to your entire team.

If you’d like to see FrameFlow in action, we invite you to download a free 30-day trial of our application… no credit card or obligation required!