Active Directory Discovery Event Monitor Reference Guide

Active Directory Discovery Event Monitor

Automatically adds new devices to a device group, synchronizing your monitoring configuration with Active Directory.


The Active Directory Discovery Event Monitor connects to a domain controller and searches for computers. It compares what it finds with the list of existing network devices and adds any new computers to a device group that you select. It's a great way to keep your monitoring configuration synchronized with your Active Directory configuration.

Use Cases

  • Adding new devices to your monitoring configuration automatically

Monitoring Options

Domain Controller

Enter the hostname or IP address of the domain controller that the event monitor will connect to.

Search Base

The search base defines where the event monitor will look for computers.

Device Group

Select the device group where the event monitor will add any new devices that it detects.

Device Name

Choose between using Active Directory for the name or using the device's IP address.

Device Name Format

Choose the device name format you want to use from the dropdown menu.

Display Name

Under Display Name, choose between the full domain name and the hostname.

Display Name Format

Select the display name format you want to use from the dropdown menu.

Tag Discovery

Add the tags you want to be associated with this event monitor. Tags help you categorize and organize your event monitors. You can also use them to insert additional information in alert notifications by editing your existing notification templates in the Settings section.

Skip computers marked as disabled

Use this option to tell the event monitor not to import any computers that are marked as disabled in Active Directory.

Ignore Selected Device Names

Input a comma-separated list of device names that the event monitor will ignore.

Alert With [Info/Warning/Error/Critical] if the Domain Controller Cannot be Contacted

This option will send an alert of your choice if the domain controller is unable to be contacted when the event monitor runs.

Only Add Devices With the Following Attributes

Enter the values and attributes that devices must have to be added here, separating different values with commas.

Skip Devices With the Following Attributes

Enter a comma-separated list of values and attributes here. Any devices that contain one or more of the listed attributes will not be added.

Authentication and Security

The account used for authentication must have permission to search the Computers sections of Active Directory.


Data Points

This event monitor generates the following data points:

Data Point Description
Devices Found The number of devices found.

Sample Output


To view the tutorial for this event monitor, click here.

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