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Ping Event Monitor Reference Guide

Ping Event Monitor

Uses standard ICMP Pings to check the availability of servers.


This event monitor pings the selected devices multiple times and alerts if they are unreachable or if the maximum or average response times exceed the thresholds that you choose. Graphs show the average and maximum response times, allowing you to detect both long-term and short-term trends.

Use Cases

  • Gaining a sense of your average ping responses
  • Getting alerts about systems that are not responding
  • Measuring the amount of jitter across selected network connections

Monitoring Options

This event monitor provides the following options:

Ping Count

Select how many pings the event monitor should send on each run.

Ping Time Out

Select how long the event monitor will wait for a response for each ping.


Select the TTL (Time To Live) parameter for the ping requests. For most purposes, the default value is the best one to use.

Alert if more than a specified number of pings fail

Use this option to get alerts based on how many of the pings failed to get responses.

Alert if average response time is greater than a specified value

This option lets you alert based on the average response time that was observed.

Alert if maximum response time is greater than a specified value

This option is similar to the previous one but lets you alert based on the maximum observed response time.

Include a traceroute in all failure notifications

If this option is enabled the event monitor will do a traceroute to the monitored device whenever a response is not received for a ping. The traceroute can sometimes be helpful to determine where a break has occurred in network topology.

Authentication and Security

This event monitor does not require authentication or specific security rights.


Data Points

This event monitor generates the following data points:

Data Point Description
Average Response Time The calculated average ping response time.
Maximum Response Time The maximum ping response time.
Average Jitter The average variation in ping response time.
Jitter The variation in ping response time.
Ping Failure The number of times the ping check failed.

Sample Output


To view the tutorial for this event monitor, click here.

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