Tips for Using Notification Profiles

Most FrameFlow users start using our Notification Profiles feature almost right away.  Notification profiles allow you to define a set of notification actions like writing to the event history, alerting people by e-mail, sending SMS text messages, etc. and give that set of actions a name.

Then you can configure your event monitors to use that profile and if you ever change the profile all of the event monitors using it will pick up the change right away.  For example, let’s say you or one of your staff members are going to be away for a week for well-deserved vacation.  Just edit your profile(s) to swap e-mail addresses and you’re done.  You might have tens or hundreds of event monitors but with just a couple of edits to your profiles all of them pick up the change.

Here a related tip that we suggest:  Prefix your profiles with a number indicating the severity level that they represent.  For example:

1. Low Priority Events
2. Notify First Line IT Staff (Email)
3. Notify All IT Staff (SMS & Email)
4. Critical Alert (SMS & Phone)

By putting the numeric value in front it forces the profiles to be sorted in that order.  Then when you go create new event monitors they’ll default to the first profile in the list unless you change it.