Update on FrameFlow Projects

The holiday season is catching up on us quickly and a few of the projects we had hoped to release before the end of the year are going to stretch out to January instead.  Project Commando will deliver a really cool integrated command line environment that will let you perform command line operations on remote systems without ever leaving the FrameFlow interface.  We’ve moved its estimate release date  to late January to coincide with the release of a few other projects under way.

Project Nimbus will also ship towards the end of January.  This project will deliver an amazing new option for notifications.  We’re keeping it partly under wraps for now but some more details will emerge in January when we’ll be looking for beta testers.  If you’ve ever wanted to get notifications by SMS text message or voice telephone calls, but it’s been too much of a pain to get approval for the right kind of modem, then we’ll soon have a solution for you.

A new project has been added to our list.  Project Throttle is going to put an end to a classic problem that affects all monitoring systems:  Floods of alerts when a critical network component goes down.  We already have dependencies and multiple notification options but this project will deliver an elegant solution that works really well with the other available options.

So stay tuned for a big release at the end of January.  We’re moving quickly and hope to squeeze in some other amazing items too.

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