Using Dependencies with FrameFlow Event Monitoring

FrameFlow includes the ability to tell event monitors that they depend on other event monitors in the system.  It’s a powerful way to control alerting and avoid redundant notifications.  It came up recently in our forums but it’s a feature that not everyone knows about so we thought we would highlight it here in our blog.

Dependencies allow you to control the running of one event monitor based on status of another event monitor.

Let’s say you have a Ping event monitor checking 50 different devices and you have a Drive Space event monitor checking the same 50 devices. If a system is down, by default both event monitors will alert you about it. Instead you can set the Drive Space event monitor to depend on the Ping event monitor and use the “Match by event monitor and device” option. Then when the Drive Space event monitor runs it will check each of its 50 devices to see what the Ping event monitor most recently reported. It will skip any devices that failed the ping check.

The “Match by event monitor only” is useful in a different case. Let’s say you have a VPN connection to a remote office and you are monitoring 50 systems at the remote location using a Drive Space event monitor. If your VPN router goes down, by default you’ll get 50 notifications from the Drive Space event monitor because it won’t be able to reach any of the remote systems. Instead you can set up an event monitor to watch the router (using perhaps a Ping event monitor or an SNMP event monitor). Then you can set your Drive Space event monitor to depend on the router event monitor and use “Match by event monitor only”. Then when Drive Space event monitor runs it will check the status of the router event monitor. If it is in a failed state then it will not try to reach any of the 50 devices on the other side until the router event monitor returns to a success state.

We encourage you to take advantage of the dependency feature and if you have any further questions about it, just drop us a note.

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