Version 7.0 Status Update

Version 7.0 Status Update

As you probably saw, Beta 1 of FrameFlow v7.0 was released at the beginning of the month.  Since then we’ve had a ton of feedback and we’ve been making further updates and fixes.

Beta 2 is almost ready for release and you’ll see a number of changes in it.  First, we’ve made some changes to the icons and color scheme to give them a more modern look.  The colors are more muted which means that error conditions stand out much better now.  We’ve also fixed a few browser compatibility issues that affected Firefox and some older versions of Internet Explorer.  We’ve added new multi-graphs for the SNMP Bandwidth event monitor.   We’ve also added support for SNMP v3 to all SNMP event monitors.

Beta 2 is due for release in two days on Thursday April 17th.

Beta 2 will be available to all licensed FrameFlow users.  When it is available, log into your account on our site and you’ll find the download links listed there.

Industry News

It’s been an active few weeks in the IT industry with many big news items.  On our Twitter feed @FrameFlow we do our best to highlight issues related to server monitoring, networking monitoring and systems management.

The biggest news event has to be the Heartbleed issue with OpenSSL.  It’s been great to see how quickly the industry has reacted to fix this issue across all major sites.  It’s interesting that Apple and Linux have both discovered SSL issues recently but Microsoft has been solid.  They’ve made a huge investment in security over the years and it looks like it’s paid off in this area at least.

Other noteworthy items:

Farewell to Windows XP, it had its final set of patches delivered on April 8th.

Microsoft shared some details about what’s coming in PowerShell v5.0.  Click here for details.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Update was released making some nice UI improvements and Microsoft says there are more on the way.

Amazon AWS announced big price reductions that rolled out on April 1st.  We’re big fans of their cloud based services and having them available at even lower costs is great.

What’s Next

As mentioned above Beta 2 for FrameFlow v7.0 is just a couple of days away.  That will likely be the final beta before the official release.  The date of the official release has not yet been set but we’re targeting Tuesday April 29th.