Version 2016.6 Pre-Release Available

We updated the v2016.6 pre-release today and it adds some great new features and options. In particular we’ve added a new Status Graphs section to the Status tab for event monitors.

You can use that section to select your favorite graphs and FrameFlow will remember them each time you go back to the event monitor. It’s like a mini-dashboard specific to each of your event monitors with a customizable layout.


As you can see you can now build new kinds of graphs with multiple data points and custom formatting. Even better the same options have been extended to dashboard graphs. That means you can combine multiple data points on single graphs, even if they have different types, and potentially free up more real estate.

Please note that this version is not considered stable and we recommend that you use it only in test environments. We are aiming for an official release in less than two weeks so if you decide try the pre-release get your feedback to us as soon as you can so we can incorporate it in the final release.