Version 2016.6 Pre-Release Available

Want to get a sneak peak at what is coming in the next major FrameFlow update?

Today we posted a pre-release version of FrameFlow 2016.6. To get your hands on it log into your account on our site where you’ll find it listed in the Pre-Release Downloads section. The early build already includes a ton of new features and functionality including:

– A new Disk I/O event monitor.
– A new Dell iDrac event monitor.
– New SNMP UPS event monitor.
– New filter options in the Directory event monitor.
– New ability to assign custom icons to devices.
– New slide out graphs for key metrics.
– New ability to add device tags to key metrics.
– New notification option to run an SSH command.
– New filter options to all data point choosers.
– Search bar shows the matching site name in multi-site mode.
– New event monitors and dashboard panels for Ubiquiti products.
– New event monitor for MQTT message monitoring.
– Ability to add logbook entry while pausing devices and monitors.
– New notification option to write to a Slack channel.
– New dashboard panel to show recent messages in a Slack channel.
– New ability to upload images for use in network diagram image objects.
– New ability to upload and manage SNMP MIB files.
– Faster service start up time for configs with many log events.
– Improved display labels for metrics measured in bits per second.

Please note that this version is not considered stable and we recommend that you use it only in test environments. The official release is planned for mid-October and between now and then we’ll keep you up to date on our progress.