Version 2016.6 Released

Get your hands on v2016.6, our sixth major update for the year and one of the biggest ones ever. New graphs, new event monitors, new options, it’s packed full of features.

The official v2016 release is now available for download. If you are a licensed customer then log into your account on our site to download and install. If you are in the evaluation phase then download the eval again. Either way just run the setup and it will upgrade you to v2016.6 while preserving all of your settings.

There are so many new features that we don’t know where to start but let’s go with the new graphing options.

New Graph Options

Starting with v2016.6 you can now integrate multiple data points on a single graph. Take a look at this screenshot which shows one graph tracking used memory across multiple devices:


These new options will let you save real estate on your dashboards by combining multiple graph panels into single displays making room for other type of panels.


With the new graph options you can even combine different types of data points. Did CPU usage spike at the same time available memory dropped? These new options let you visualize and understand these situations. To make it easy to identify which data point is which you can turn on an option to show a legend at the bottom of the graph. This screenshot shows all of these options in action:


New Event Monitors

On the monitoring side of things we’ve been busy too. We added a new Disk I/O event monitor to watch disk read and write rates on your Windows systems. A new UPS event monitor uses SNMP to monitor your power systems. A new Syslog event monitor catches incoming syslogs from your switches, routers and Linux systems and can alert based on message content. As you can see there are a lot of new toys to play with! We’ll be going over all of these in detail over the coming weeks but for this post we’ll say a bit about one more new event monitor, the Dell iDRAC event monitor.

Dell Hardware Monitoring

Modern Dell servers include hardware monitoring through a separate dedicated subsystem on the motherboard. Our new iDRAC monitor communicates with this subsystem and can alert you about physicial properties. Failed RAID drive? Redundant power supply failure? Chassis intrusion? Now FrameFlow can alert about all of these and more.


Integration with Slack

There’s one last thing we’d like to cover today and that’s FrameFlow’s new integration with Slack. Slack is a messaging and collaboration tool that helps teams work together and become more efficient and productive. We’re big fans of it and use it extensively. In v2016.6 we integrated Slack into FrameFlow in two important ways.

First, a new notification option lets FrameFlow write to one or more of your Slack channels. Here at FrameFlow we added a “Monitoring” channel in Slack and then configured our FrameFlow installs to write to it for important events. When events arrive our team uses Slack to coordinate who will handle which events.

Our second Slack integration adds a new dashboard panel that shows the contents of a selected Slack channel. You’re probably already showing FrameFlow dashboards on a big screen in your operations room. Now you can show Slack channels on those displays too.


Much More to Explore

We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s new FrameFlow v2016.6. For a complete list of what’s new and changed you can always look at our change log.

After you’ve had a chance to try this new release, let us know what you think. We are expanding and moving quickly to bring you more great new functionality and your input is incredibly valuable to us.