About the Company

What is the history of FrameFlow Software?
Where are you located?
Who does the technical support for this software?

About FrameFlow Server Monitor

What is FrameFlow Server Monitor?
How is FrameFlow Server Monitor different from other server monitoring software products?
What platforms are supported?
What other system requirements should I know about?
Will I have to restart my computer after installation or after un-installing?
Can you run this software for me and monitor my machines remotely?
Can I run FrameFlow Server Monitor in a virtual machine?
Do I need to install anything on the systems being monitored?
Is an uninstaller included?
How many systems can I monitor?
Can I monitor systems at remote sites?
Can I use FrameFlow to provide monitoring services to my customer base?
Can I rebrand the user interface, alerts and reports to match our corporate styling?

About the 30-Day Evaluation Versions

Is the evaluation edition full-featured?
What if I need a bit more than 30 days?
What what happens if my evaluation expires?

Placing an Order

How long will it take to process my order?
Which credit cards do you accept?
Can I use a purchase order number (PO #) to make my payment?

Features and Functionality

What happens if I configure e-mail notifications but my e-mail server is down?
What if I have a monitoring requirement that is very specific to our organization?
Can I use FrameFlow to monitor my Windows systems?
Can I use FrameFlow to monitor my Linux systems?
Can I monitor my internal and outward-facing web sites?
What about switches, routers and other networking gear?

Technical Support

Who does the technical support for this software?
What's the best way for me to get technical support?
Do I have to pay for technical support?
Do you offer technical support by telephone?