FrameFlow Newsletter 2017-10

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Happy Halloween!
We’re very happy to offer a Halloween treat for everyone this month: The first pre-release of FrameFlow v2017.7

We’ve been working hard on this new release for some time now and we think you’re going to be impressed by everything that we’re bringing your way in v2017.7.

The new user interface is the most visible change:

The new interface focuses on a left-to-right workflow and also groups related elements together better than ever before. In particular, the “breadcrumb” section which shows the path to the item you are looking at and the toolbar options which operate on that item are now adjacent. This makes it easy to see right away what you are working on and what options are available to you.

We’ve also made various changes and enhancements to our dashboards. There’s a new panel type for showing graphical status for your switches and routers. It gets its data from your SNMP Bandwidth event monitors so make sure you’ve configured one of them before you get started with the new panel type:

The reports section got a lot of attention as well. The new report builder borrows design features that already work really well for dashboards. It uses the same drag-and-drop design techniques in an interface that is familiar and easy to use.

Even the login screen got a big refresh and a new look:

There’s more v2017.7 than we could possibly describe in just one newsletter so we’ll stop here and give you the complete list of changes:

– New user interface with a focus on workflow
– Redesigned report builder merging the old concepts of templates and reports into just reports
– New report element type for a logo/banner
– New ability to include report tables for any data point
– New VMware event monitors break out functionality into different monitoring focuses and roles
– New dashboard element that uses data from SNMP Bandwidth monitors to show switch/router status
– New SNMP library tab on the Add Event Monitor dialog box provides pre-configured monitors
– New PowerShell library tab on the Add Event Monitor dialog box provides pre-configured monitors
– Redesigned the system health dashboard panel so it can show multiple metrics on a single panel
– New option on current status panels to select which devices will be included in the counts
– Data point list dashboard panels can now include multiple data points on one panel
– When adding a graph panel multiple data points can be selected
– Graph panels can now include up to 24 data points
– On network diagrams, data point indicators can show the combined status for multiple devices
– Data point value panels can now use the data point’s status for color instead of explicit thresholds
– Added new login role called “Dashboards (Personal Only)”
– Added new user settings dialog accessed from menu bar
– New ability for users to select avatars or upload photos
– New ability to specify SNMP authentication profiles
– New data retention options for event and graph data

One last note: We’re calling this a pre-release but it’s been through detailed testing. That’s not to say there aren’t still a few kinks to work out but all of the major pieces are in place and running on a stable foundation. We’d really love your feedback on the new release and we encourage you to give it a whirl.

You can find v2017.7 in the Prereleases section of your account on our website. Here is a link to the login page:

Send your feedback to We’re really excited to hear your comments and suggestions.