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Newsletter Archive

February 2019: FrameFlow 2019.1, “Headquarters” Update, Unviewed/Unviewed Events
January 2019: Support Portal, Features Coming Soon
December 2018: v2018.7 Released, Syntax-Aware SQL Editing, SNMP Interface Monitoring
November 2018: v2018.7 Pre-Release, Network Diagrams, Portal Updates
October 2018: SNMP Profiles, Devices Interfaces Tab, v2018.6 Released
September 2018: Office 365 Monitoring, Export Location, v2018.6 Features
August 2018: SNMP Authentication, Interfaces Tab, New Event Monitors
July 2018: FrameFlow 2018.5 Released, Linux YUM Update Monitor, New Support Options
June 2018: FrameFlow 2018.4 Released, Device Property Inheritance, Meet the Team
May 2018: Coming Soon: Version 2018.4, Inheritance of Device Properties, Other New Features
April 2018: Version 2018.3, Focus: SNMP
March 2018: Coming Soon Version 2018.3, Agentless Monitoring
February 2018: Version 2018.2 Released, New Features, HP iLO, Reports
January 2018: Version 2018.1 Released, SNMP, Support Portal Update
December 2017: New Support Portal, Unified Monitoring, Hello 2018
November 2017: Version 2017.7, Target Release Date, Feed the Suggestion Box
October 2017: Version 2017.7 Prerelease Available, Screenshots
September 2017: FrameFlow v2017.6 Released. Version 2017.Next Preview
August 2017: FrameFlow v2017.6 Pre-Release. Version 2017.Next Progress
July 2017: SNMP Profiles, New Report Builder, User Interface Reboot
June 2017: Current Release: v2017.4, Benefits of Agentless Monitoring
May 2017: Version v2017.2 Released, What’s That Feature? Personal Dashboards
April 2017: Version v2017.1 Released, Full 64-Bit Support
March 2017: Update on v2017.1, Increased Monitoring Performance
February 2017: New Dependency Options, SNMP Value Mapping, Improved Dashboard Design
January 2017: Recap of 2016, New Features, Farewell to 32 Bits