About the Company

What is the history of FrameFlow Software?
FrameFlow Software was founded in 2003 with the objective to provide server monitoring software that is both affordable and easy to use.
Since then we have built up a client base composed of world-recognized companies and brands. Our customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, hospitals, universities and hundreds of small and medium size businesses.
Our world-class customers include Hewlett-Packard, Cornell University, Northrop Grumman, Procter & Gamble, Texas Instruments, Merck, Atlas Van Lines, Trinity University, First Citizens Bank, NHL Players’ Association and many more.
We worked hard to win their confidence and we’re looking forward to welcoming you onboard as a customer too.
Where are you located?
We are a North American company based in Ottawa, Canada, the nation's capital and most vibrant technology hub. Ottawa is a major technology base for world-class corporations like IBM, Cisco, Adobe, and Shopify and we're proud to be active members of the local IT community
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Who does the technical support for this software?
We do!
Drop by our forums, send us e-mail or use our live chat and the person who gets back to you will be someone who knows the software inside out and can fully answer your questions.
We're in the Eastern time zone but provide off hours service for our clients across North America and in Europe and the U.K.
Support is available for both licensed users and those who are currently using our 30-day evaluation version.
If you have questions, drop us a note and we'll get back to you quickly with the answers you need.

FrameFlow Server Monitor

What is FrameFlow?
FrameFlow is server monitoring software that helps to make sure your critical IT systems are up and running.
It lets you configure tests that run 24x7 against your servers, switches, routers, web sites, services, applications and other IT assets. If any system fails a test or crosses a threshold, FrameFlow has multiple ways to alert you including by e-mail, SMS text message or even a voice telephone call to your cell or land line.
FrameFlow gives you full control to configure the tests that you need and set the thresholds that define when you will be alerted.
FrameFlow is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to use.
How do I install FrameFlow?
Just download our evaluation version and run the setup. You install FrameFlow on just one system and from there it can monitor all of your IT assets. Even better, you don't need to install anything on the systems being monitored. FrameFlow is lean and fast. It will run on almost any system and even runs great in virtual machine.
How is FrameFlow Server Monitor different from other server monitoring software products?
Here are a few things that set FrameFlow ahead of the pack:
Agentless Monitoring: You never need to install anything on the systems being monitored. Instead, FrameFlow uses industry standard protocols like SNMP and WMI to perform its monitoring operations.
Effortless Multi-Site Monitoring: With FrameFlow Multi-Site you can monitor systems at multiple remote sites, all through one web-based console. It's the perfect solution for organizations with distributed IT systems or for managed service providers (MSPs) who want to provide monitoring services to their client base.
100% Web Based Console: The FrameFlow interface is modern, elegant and easy to use. It includes dashboards that give you an at-a-glance view of network status and reports that provide long term views of system operations. FrameFlow even supports multiple users with different levels of permission so you can provide the right level of access to the right members of your organization.
What platforms are supported?
FrameFlow Server Monitor can be used to monitor network systems running on any platform including Windows, Linux and other operating systems that support standard Internet protocols. It can also monitor other types of network devices such as routers and switches. FrameFlow itself runs on Windows (all versions of Windows from XP up to and including Windows Server 2012 R2). Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.
What other system requirements should I know about?
FrameFlow does not have any other special requirements and will run on pretty much any standard server or PC, even older models. It runs well inside a virtual machine too.
Will I have to restart my computer after installation or after un-installing?
No restarts are necessary. You can install and uninstall without even having to log off.
Can you run this software for me and monitor my machines remotely?
No, our software is designed to be installed within your organization. FrameFlow is super easy to install and you don't need to be a network management professional to use it. We encourage you to try it out and if you need any assistance we're happy to help out.If you'd like to entirely outsource your monitoring then contact us and we'll be happy to put you in touch with some of our partners and affiliates who offer monitoring services to their client bases. Most of our partners offer additional services which may allow you to outsource other operations and save on capital costs.
Can I run FrameFlow Server Monitor in a virtual machine?
Yes! FrameFlow Server Monitor runs very well in a virtual machine is fully supported in that configuration.
Do I need to install anything on the systems being monitored?
Never! FrameFlow is completely agentless which means you never need to install anything on the systems being monitored. FrameFlow uses standard protocols like WMI, SNMP, SSH and others to connect to the systems being monitoring without the need for agents or anything else.
Is an uninstaller included?
Yes. Just use the Add/Remove Programs section of the Control Panel to start the uninstaller. Unlike other uninstallers ours will completely remove the evaluation version and you won't need to restart your computer either.
How many systems can I monitor?
Each FrameFlow Server Monitor edition supports monitoring a different number of network devices. Our entry level FrameFlow Core 50 edition can monitor up to 50 network devices and other editions scale up to 100, 200, 500, 1000 and unlimited. We have customers monitoring 2000+ systems all from a single FrameFlow system running on modest hardware.
Can I monitor systems at remote sites?
Yes! FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor is our remote multi-site monitoring edition and it lets you effortlessly monitor systems at remote sites all through one web-based master console.At each remote site you install the FrameFlow Remote Node on just one system. That remote node can monitor tens, hundreds or thousands of systems at the remote site. It calls home to your master console over secure HTTPS/SSL to report monitoring results and pick up changes to the monitoring configuration.Since the remote node calls home to the master console, you never need to open ports at your remote sites. It's easy to deploy and easy to manage.It's the perfect solution for organizations with distributed IT assets or managed service providers (MSPs) who want to provide monitor services to their client base.
Can I use FrameFlow to provide monitoring services to my customer base?
Yes! With FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor you can easily provide your clients with access to dashboards and deliver regular reports to them by e-mail with PDF attachments containing full historical status for their systems. It's a great way provide value-added services to your client base and significantly increase your revenue stream.
Can I rebrand the user interface, alerts and reports to match our corporate styling?
Yes but there are a few restrictions so get in touch with our support staff before you start. You can customize the interface, dashboards, alerts and reports to match your branding. It's flexible and easy. All you need is someone with some basic HTML skills and you can get started in minutes. And if you have questions, we're always ready to help.

About the 30-Day Evaluation Versions

Is the evaluation edition full-featured?
Yes. The evaluation version of FrameFlow Server Monitor is our full FrameFlow Complete edition including all of our monitoring features and support for monitoring up to 1000 systems. The evaluation version of FrameFlow Multi-Site Monitor has no limits on the number of sites or devices being monitored.
What if I need a bit more than 30 days?
No problem at all, just send a note to support@frameflow.com and we'll send you the instructions to extend your evaluation.
What what happens if my evaluation expires?
Your monitoring configuration will be paused and all your settings will be saved. Once you've placed an order, you can resume your monitoring and you're right back where you were before.

Placing an Order

How long will it take to process my order?
If you place your order through our web site using a credit card, in most cases your order will be processed within a matter of minutes. If you wish to pay using a purchase order (PO), our ordering system fully supports that too and will prompt you for the necessary details. Orders placed using a PO take a bit longer because we need to contact your finance staff but turnaround time is usually still less than 24 hours.
Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
Can I use a purchase order number (PO #) to make my payment?
Yes, no problem. There's an option in our ordering system to say you want to use a PO and it will prompt you for the required details. Orders placed using a PO take a bit longer to process because we need to contact your finance department to confirm payment terms and invoicing options.

Features and Functionality

What happens if I configure e-mail notifications but my e-mail server is down?
You can configure multiple e-mail servers and the system will try each of them in order until it can successfully send the notification. For additional peace of mind you can sign up for our Cloud Alert service. Cloud Alert has two roles. First, with Cloud Alert enabled your FrameFlow installation pings home on a regular basis to servers hosted by us. If we lose contact with your installation we'll alert you by SMS text message or voice telephone call. Second, Cloud Alert lets you deliver alerts by SMS or voice phone call without the need to purchase a modem or any other hardware or services.
What if I have a monitoring requirement that is very specific to our organization?
No problem! You can use one of our scripting event monitors to integrate some snippets of PowerShell, VBScript, JavaScript or PerlScript. Your code can perform any necessary checks and it has complete control over the alert text that is generated. It can even output multiple values that will be appear in the FrameFlow graphs and dashboards to give you a view on status over selected time periods.
Can I use FrameFlow to monitor my Windows systems?
Yes, definitely. FrameFlow has tons of options for monitoring Windows systems. You can monitor CPU, bandwidth, memory, drive space, event logs, services, and much more. You can check availability of SQL Server databases, make sure Exchange is delivering mail, monitor changes in Active Directory and much more.
Can I use FrameFlow to monitor my Linux systems?
Yes! FrameFlow you can use FrameFlow's System Health event monitor to track CPU, memory, drive space and bandwidth. You can watch individual files for changes and warn based on content. You can even run custom scripts and interpret the results, generating custom alerts and data that will appear in graphs and in dashboards.
Can I monitor my internal and outward-facing web sites?
Yes, FrameFlow includes a top-quality HTTP event monitor. It can make sure that your web site is responding, ensure that specific text is present on your pages, warn if error messages are present, check page download speeds, and much more. It has everything you need to ensure that your web sites are alive, communicating and serving the correct data.
What about switches, routers and other networking gear?
FrameFlow has robust SNMP monitoring. You can monitor bandwidth, processes and up time all through an easy-to-use set of monitors that hide all the ugly details of SNMP. Or you can roll up your sleeves and poll any SNMP OID or symbolic value using our generic SNMP event monitor. You can even use our SNMP Trap event monitor to catch traps from your SNMP gear, filter them and alert only on the important ones.

Technical Support

Who does the technical support for this software?
We do! Drop by our forums or send us e-mail and the person who gets back to you will be someone who knows the software inside out and can fully answer your questions.
What's the best way for me to get technical support?
First visit our Support Forums and search for answers to your questions. If there are no matches, post your question. We monitor them hourly and will be able to get back to you quickly and efficiently. Still need assistance? Fill out our Support Request Form and we'll get back to you with as soon as we can. We do our best to get back to you within a few hours but during busy periods it can take a bit longer and your patience is appreciated. Our online chat facility is often available too. No matter which method you choose, one of our staff will be happy to help. We're located in the North American Eastern Time Zone but we're active off-hours for our clients on the West Coast, in Europe and in the U.K.
Do I have to pay for technical support?
Nope! Regardless of whether you are a licensed user or still in the evaluation phase we are always happy to help so get in touch and we'll do our best to get you the answers you need.