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Seriously Scalable
IT Monitoring Software

Make Sure Your Critical Systems are Up and Running

FrameFlow is the IT monitoring system that scales.
Monitor switches, routers, servers, all your IT assets.
Tens, hundreds, or 1000's of systems.
Enterprise IT monitoring software
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SNMP Bandwidth Monitoring

Point-and-click SNMP bandwidth monitoring.
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SNMP Interface Monitoring

Alerts about interface status changes, errors, discards, unicast packets, queue lengths
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Full SNMP Version 3 support for all monitoring. Support for the latest security algorithms including AES and SHA-512.
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Ping Monitoring

Run pings every few seconds. Alert on average and maximum response time based on multiple pings. Get alerts about ping failures, see traceroute details.
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Windows Performance Counters

Monitor multiple performance counters, set thresholds and get alerts about values that are our of bounds.
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Custom SNMP

Monitor a custom set of OIDs or symbolic names. Import MIBs to extend device support.
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Windows Server Monitoring

Disk, CPU, bandwidth, memory monitoring, more. Window service monitoring, event logs, performance counters.
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CPU Monitoring

Get alerts about high CPU usage, measure overall CPU or per-core.
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Process Monitoring

Monitor individual processes for CPU and memory usage. Alert if processes are stopped
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Windows Event Log Monitoring

Filter based on type, source, event ID, and even event message text. Get alerts about matching events
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Windows Service Monitor

Check service status. Alert if running/not running. Attempt to restart stopped services.
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Monitoring Log Files

Check log files on a regular basis. Get alerts based on new content.
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Drive Space Monitoring

Get alerts about low disk space conditions. Detect large changes in available space.
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PowerShell Scripting

Script your own checks using PowerShell and integrate them with our monitoring and alerting engines.
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Python Scripting

Script your own checks using Python and integrate them with our monitoring and alerting engines.
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VMware ESX Host Monitoring

Check on host health. Monitor overall CPU, data store usage, memory and bandwidth.
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VMware ESX Guest Monitoring

Monitor guest VM status, resource consumption and running state.
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Hyper-V Monitoring

Monitor both guest and host health. Get alerts about guest state and health metrics.
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Uptime Monitoring

Build reports showing uptime for a variety of systems including servers, switches, routers and other networking gear.
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Customizable Dashboards

Get the views your team needs by building custom dashboards using our point-and-click dashboard editor.
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Active Directory Monitoring

Get alerts about locked out users, group membership changes, new users, deleted users.
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Two Factor Authentication

Protect access to your monitoring configuration by enabling two-factor authentication
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SQL Server Monitoring

Check database sizes, run test queries and check the results.
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IIS Monitoring

Monitor web sites and application pools. Monitor traffic and request rates.
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SSL Certificate Monitoring

Get alerts about SSL certificates that are due to expire soon.
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No matches but you can probably use our scripting event monitors for what you need.
Learn More About Scripting
FrameFlow is Used and Trusted By Major Organizations Around the World

FrameFlow: Trusted Worldwide

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Latest Updates

September 1st 2021
We just released our September newsletter and it's filled with sneak peeks at new projects we're preparing to release. Check it out to read more.

August 24th 2021
FrameFlow v2021.11 has been released. This update includes a fix for multi-site monitoring that occurs in specific upgrade scenarios. See our change log for complete details.

August 5th 2021
The August 2021 newsletter has been released! In the newsletter, we talk about FrameFlow v2021.9, our SNMP Browser feature, and even detail a project that's coming out soon. Check it out!

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Make Sure Critical Systems are Up and Running

Make Sure Critical Systems are Up and Running

Run checks against your systems 24×7 to make sure critical systems and services are up and running.

Detect Issues Before They Become Big Problems

Detect Issues Before They Become Big Problems

Set thresholds for warning, failure and critical for all metrics. Get alerted before small problems escalate.

Monitor Systems at Multiple Remote Locations

Monitor Systems at Multiple Remote Locations

Monitor 10s or 1000s of systems at multiple remote locations all through one elegant master console

Extensible with Industry-Standard PowerShell Scripting

Extensible with Industry-Standard PowerShell Scripting

Whip up a bit of PowerShell script and integrate it with FrameFlow’s monitoring and alerting engines

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Unified Monitoring:
Your Single Pane of Glass

There's no time to struggle with different, incompatible monitoring systems. FrameFlow delivers Unified Monitoring, the single pane of glass that shows you complete IT status for all of your vital equipment.

Servers, networking gear, cloud services, power equipment, hardware and more. You've got it all covered with FrameFlow.

Single Pane of Glass
Cloud Service
Power Equip.
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Build Beautiful Dashboards With Color-Coded Status

Point, Click. Drag, Drop. Build beautiful dashboards in minutes with our elegant web-based dashboard editor.

With FrameFlow network diagrams are more than just pretty pictures. They also show color-coded status so you can quickly spot potential issues.

Network Diagrams

Monitor the Status of All Your IT Equipment

FrameFlow is your single pane of glass for servers, networking, power equipment and all your other IT equipment.

For servers it can monitor CPU, disk, bandwidth and memory usage. It can monitor applications, log files, performance counters log files and more. For switches and routers FrameFlow can monitor bandwidth, interface status, uptime, hardware status and error rates. For your power systems and HVAC units you can monitor temperatures, UPS battery levels, PDU wattage and much more. You can even monitor the status of the cloud services that you rely on for your daily operations.

Try it now. You'll be up and running in five minutes or less.