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Make Sure Critical Systems are Up and Running

Run checks against your systems 24×7 to make sure critical systems and services are up and running.

Detect Issues Before They Become Big Problems

Set thresholds for warning, failure and critical for all metrics. Get alerted before small problems escalate.

Monitor Systems at Multiple Remote Locations

Monitor 10s or 1000s of systems at multiple remote locations all through one elegant master console.

Extensible with Industry-Standard PowerShell Scripting

Whip up a bit of PowerShell script and integrate it with FrameFlow’s monitoring and alerting engines.

FrameFlow is the perfect solution for all of your monitoring requirements.

Build Beautiful Dashboards With Color-Coded Status

Point, Click. Drag, Drop. Build beautiful dashboards in minutes with our elegant web-based dashboard editor.

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FrameFlow: Trusted Worldwide

FrameFlow is the System Monitoring Solution Trusted by Organizations Around the World

Monitor the Status of All Your IT Equipment

More than just servers, keep track of switches, routers, power systems and more

SNMP is the backbone of networking monitoring. But it has a reputation for being difficult to use. FrameFlow makes SNMP monitoring a breeze. Just point and click to track bandwidth, interface status and more. FrameFlow hides the ugly details and gets you the data and metrics you need. For SNMP experts FrameFlow also has the power you need. Import MIBs, browse for values and track any OID or symbolic name.

FrameFlow has deep support for Windows monitoring. Check Windows event logs, monitor performance counters, make sure important services are running. You can run SQL Server queries, check Exchange metrics, report on DHCP scope usage or run checks on Active Directory. All that and much more. For Windows monitoring FrameFlow has you covered.

Use FrameFlow to keep track of your Linux-based systems. Track system health metrics like CPU, bandwidth, memory and file system usage. Check the status of individual processes and daemons to make sure that critical components are available. You can even run custom shell scripts to perform any task you choose and then alert based on the results.

Every organization has some monitoring requirements that are unique to it. To cover those special requirements, whip up a bit of script and use our PowerShell event monitor to integrate it with FrameFlow’s monitoring and alerting engines. You’ll reap the benefits of consistent monitoring across the board, not just for standard monitoring tasks but for your unique ones too.


Keep the Servers Going, Keep Your Network Flowing

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