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Ping Discovery Event Monitor Reference Guide

Ping Discovery Event Monitor

Uses ping to discover and automatically onboard new devices.


The Ping Discovery Event Monitor scans an IP range that you specify looking for ICMP ping responses from each IP address. It compares the list of systems that it finds with the existing network devices that have already been added to your monitoring configuration. Any new devices are added to the device group that you select.

Use Cases

  • Quickly onboarding many devices
  • Automatically detecting and onboarding new devices

Monitoring Options

This event monitor provides the following options:

IP Range

Enter the IP range that the event monitor will search. You may enter up to a class B range.

Device Group

Select the device group where the event monitor will add any new devices that it detects.

Authentication and Security

This event monitor does not require authentication or specific security rights.


Data Points

This event monitor does not generate any data points.

Sample Output


To view the tutorial for this event monitor, click here.

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