Ping Discovery Event Monitor
Use Ping Requests to Discover and Automatically Onboard Devices
About the Ping Discovery Event Monitor

In a dynamic work environment, constantly adding new network devices by hand unnecessarily consumes time and resources. The Ping Discovery Event Monitor automates this process by using ping checks to discover and automatically onboard new network devices. This tutorial will teach you how to set up a new Ping Discovery Event Monitor to add to your existing monitoring configuration.

Getting Started

When adding a new Ping Discovery Event Monitor, the first thing you must consider is the IP range you want the event monitor to check. You can scan up to a class B address with this event monitor. This means that the first two octets in your IP addresses must match.

Ping Discovery Settings

Next, specify the device group you'd like any newly discovered network devices to be added to. It may be helpful to create a dedicated folder for newly onboarded devices, just to make sure it's easy for you to oversee any new additions. To learn more about monitoring by device group, consider checking out our Network Device Organization tutorial.

Device Grouping Settings

You can choose the name format that the event monitor should follow when adding newly discovered devices. This helps keep the naming scheme of all your new network devices consistent. There are five options to choose from, listed below:

Naming Format Options

If there are IP addresses or ranges that you would like to exclude from the Ping Discovery Event Monitor's search, enter them in the textbox labeled "Ignore". Enter each address or range of addresses on a new line.

Ignore Textbox


Now that you understand what the Ping Discovery Event Monitor does and how to set it up, it's time to begin automatically onboarding new devices! This tutorial went over how to select an IP range to scan as well as how to use device groups to keep track of what network devices are being added to your configuration. You can also check out our SNMP Discovery Event Monitor and our Active Directory Discovery Event Monitor for more automatic onboarding resources. Make sure to keep an eye on the Features page for new tutorials coming shortly. Refer to our Ping Discovery Event Monitor reference guide for more documentation on this event monitor.

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