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The Latest FrameFlow News

Advanced Notification Settings: Tiered Support

The second post in our series of articles on advanced notification settings covers tiered support. Here, you can learn how to create a hierarchy of alert response staff to cover all your bases. Read more below!

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Advanced Notification Settings: Alert Email Scheduling

This is the first blog post in a series of 3 that will discuss FrameFlow's advanced notification settings. This article highlights the best practices needed to schedule alerts based on who's on duty at what time.

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Monitoring Windows Firewall with FrameFlow

FrameFlow encourages you to go beyond out-of-the-box monitoring and create new IT monitoring actions that serve you and your organization. This article details how to configure Windows Firewall monitoring with the Registry Event Monitor.

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New Release: v2022.5

FrameFlow's current version is now v2022.5! Make sure to log in and upgrade soon, as this small update addresses issues with PagerDuty monitoring that were experienced by some users in earlier versions.

What's New in FrameFlow v2022.4?

FrameFlow's latest release smooths out a few important bugs, improving the ease of use of our software. Read on to see what's new for FrameFlow version 2022.4!

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What's New in FrameFlow v2022.3?

In FrameFlow version 2022.3, we improved our user friendliness and fixed several bugs. Read on to learn more!

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Spotlight: Dashboards Part 2

The final half of our tutorial series on dashboard panels is now live! The featured tutorials are sector graphs, the System Health dashboard panel, and many more. This blog post briefly highlights each dashboard panel, while the tutorials we've released on the Features page offer a deeper dive into the functionality of each panel type. Read on below!

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What's New in FrameFlow v2022.2?

Find out what's new and improved in the latest version of FrameFlow, including changes that make our software easier and smoother to use.

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What's New in FrameFlow v2022.1?

Learn about all the new changes in our latest version v2022.1. This update contains tons of fixes, from SNMP browsing to Microsoft 365. Read all about it!

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What's New in FrameFlow v2021.16?

This post details the changes made in FrameFlow v2021.16. This update addressed several bugs that some users experienced when running versions .14 or .15. Make sure to update today!

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Spotlight: Dashboards Part 1

Recently, we've begun an effort to highlight some of FrameFlow's Dashboards panels, starting with Alert panels, Data Point panels, and infinitely customizable Graph panels. These must-see tutorials go over how to configure and customize each panel, giving you the ideal information available all in one place. Check it out!

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What's New in FrameFlow v2021.15!

We just released FrameFlow v2021.15. Read all about it below!

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What's New in FrameFlow v2021.14!

Our current release is FrameFlow 2021.14! Learn what's new in this release below.

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Spotlight: Event Monitor Reference Guide

Have you checked out our Event Monitor Reference Guide yet? It details the protocols, sample outputs, and minimum authentication needed to run each event monitor. Make sure to take a look as each page is packed with tons of valuable information and documentation.

What's New in FrameFlow v2021.12!

View what's new for the latest FrameFlow release. This update includes new support for PowerShell 7, heightened scalability, and a few key bug fixes. Update today!

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What's New in FrameFlow 2021.9!

Learn all about our new support for hybrid monitoring environments with new features for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware ESX, and PagerDuty! Update now to start taking advantage of these great new features and more.

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July 2021 Newsletter Released

We just sent out our July 2021 newsletter! We explain what's to come in FrameFlow v2021.9 and talk about a problem that users experiences with Windows event log monitoring. Read all about it here.

FrameFlow 2021.8 Released

This release fixes an issue that affected context menus in some parts of the dashboards section.

FrameFlow 2021.7 Released

This update fixes an issue with editing network diagrams and has improvements to the System Restart event monitor. See our change log for full details.

FrameFlow 2021.6 Released

FrameFlow v2021.6 has been released. This update adds performance improvements, new dashboard options and fixes for recently discovered issues. See our change log for full details.

Windows Update Event Monitor Tutorial

Have you seen our new Windows Update Event Monitor? Make sure to check it out to learn how make sure your Windows systems have the latest updates.

System Restart Event Monitor Tutorial

Check out the new tutorial for our System Restart Event Monitor. Learn how to get alerts about planned and unplanned restarts and even get the reason codes entered by admins upon first login.

FrameFlow 2021.5 Released

FrameFlow v2021.5 has been been released. In this version we made some improvements to network diagrams and fixed a few issues. See our change log for complete details.

PowerShell Event Monitor Tutorial

Did you know you can integrate your own custom monitoring code right into our monitoring and alerting engine? Check out our new PowerShell Event Monitor tutorial for more details.

FrameFlow 2021.4 Released

FrameFlow v2021.4 has been been released. In this version we add a new notification template token for event monitor notes and we added event previews in the Sites section. We also improved how we handle multi-site lost contact notifications and we fixed an issue with editing notification profiles. See our change log for complete details.

DELL iDRAC Event Monitor Tutorial

Monitoring isn't only about software. FrameFlow can monitor your hardware too. Check out our new DELL iDRAC event monitor tutorial and learn how to monitor temperatures, power supplies, RAID status, and overall system health. for more details.

FrameFlow 2021.3 Released

FrameFlow v2021.3 has been released. FrameFlow v2021.3 has been been released. This version is a maintenance release which corrects some reported issues. See our change log for complete details.

FrameFlow 2021.2 Released

FrameFlow v2021.2 has been released. This release includes improved VMware monitoring and fixes. See our change log for complete details.

February 2021 Newsletter

Our February 2021 email newsletter has been sent and is also available online. In this month's newsletter we announce the release of FrameFlow v2021.1 and we introduce a new monitoring tutorial focused on SQL Server.

FrameFlow 2021.1 Released

FrameFlow v2021.1 has been released. This new version adds ticketing and collaboration features, helping larger organizations coordinate their IT monitoring efforts. See our change log for complete details.

Benefits of Using SNMP for Network Monitoring with FrameFlow

Keeping track of all your systems, adding new ones to the network, and continuously analyzing their performance across the board can be daunting. This is where SNMP monitoring by FrameFlow can offer significant value to...

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SSL Certificate Monitoring Tutorial

Ever been faced with an SSL certificate that expired without you knowing about it? Make sure it never happens again with our SSL Certificate Event Monitor Learn all about it in our latest tutorial.

SQL Server Monitoring Tutorial

SQL Server is the backbone for many critical IT systems. It's used for everything from intranet portals to ERP systems. See our new SQL Server Event Monitor tutorial to find out how to monitor database growth and even run test queries to verify results and output.

January 2021 Newsletter

Our January 2021 email newsletter has been sent and is also available online. In this month's newsletter we feature new tutorials and some features coming soon in the next release.

New Tutorials Posted

Start the New Year with our new tutorials about process monitoring and monitoring ping response times.

December 2020 Newsletter

Our December 2020 email newsletter went out the door today and is also available online. In this month's newsletter we give you a preview of new features coming this January.

CPU Usage Monitoring Tutorial

Need to monitor overall CPU usage or the resources consumed by a single process? Check out our CPU Usage monitoring tutorial.

November 2020 Newsletter

Our November 2020 email newsletter has been sent and is also available online. Check it out for details about file event monitoring, alert suppression and new SNMP monitoring options.

FrameFlow v2020.11 Released

FrameFlow v2020.11 has been released, adding new Active Directory monitoring options, new alert suppression features and updates to scripting event monitors. See our change log for complete details.

New File Event Monitor Tutorial

We posted a new tutorial showing how to monitor files with the File Event Monitor, including files with names that change daily.

FrameFlow 2020.10 Released

FrameFlow v2020.10 has been released, fixing an issue with saving authentication profiles. We recommend upgrading as soon as possible to avoid issues. See our change log for complete details.

FrameFlow 2020.9 Released

FrameFlow v2020.9 has been released. This update is a maintenance release and includes fixes for recently reported issues. See our change log for complete details.

FrameFlow 2020.8 Released

FrameFlow 2020.8 is now available for download. Version 2020.8 is a major update that adds two-factor authentication, IPv6 addressing, Amazon AWS monitoring, a refreshed interface and much more.

Over the next few weeks we'll be highlighting the new features in our tutorials section and in our monthtly newsletter.

Upgrade to v2020.8 now by logging into your account on our web site. Or try FrameFlow for free for 30 days by visiting download page.

New Tutorials Posted

New tutorials on Using Device Widgets and Using Device Property Inheritance have been posted.

FrameFlow 2020.7 Released

We are very happy to announce that FrameFlow 2020.7 is now available for download. For those of you who are developing monitoring scripts using Perl, we've added support for Strawberry Perl.

Don't forget, you can also use PowerShell, JavaScript, Python and VBScript with FrameFlow, making it easy to extend our monitoring features using whichever scripting language you are most comfortable with.

Upgrade now by logging into your account on our web site. Or try FrameFlow for free for 30 days by visiting download page.

August Newsletter Posted

Our August 2020 email newsletter has been sent and is also available online.

New Tutorials Section

FrameFlow includes a wealth of IT monitoring features, so many that some of them might not be obvious at first glance. To shine a light on some of our more powerful hidden features, we've added a new tutorials section on our web site.

Drop by the new section to learn more about getting started with FrameFlow, about system health monitoring, and about SNMP bandwidth monitoring. We're adding more tutorials every week so check back often for new tips, techniques, and feature highlights.

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May 2020 Windows Update Issue

After applying the Windows Updates for May 2020 on your FrameFlow server, you may start seeing unexpected messages in the user interface. You may see a message about an expired session or an invalid session ID.

A fix for this issue is available in our customer portal.


FrameFlow v2020.2 Released

FrameFlow v2020.2 has been released. New in this release are options to show trend lines and predictions in your dashboard and report graphs. IT monitoring data changes rapidly and when you're looking at a graph, it's not always immediately clear how the data is trending.

FrameFlow can now auto generate trend lines so you can quickly see patterns in the data you collect. Not only that, it can take the existing data and generate predictions so you can anticipate future conditions in advance.

Upgrade by now by logging into your account on our web site. Or try FrameFlow for free for 30 days by visiting download page.

FrameFlow v2020.1 Released

We are very happy to announce that FrameFlow v2020.1 has been released. This new version includes many new options and features. The major addition is the new Info status level. Alerts with info status appear in blue in the interface and in your dashboards and reports. We've also added new SNMP monitoring options, the ability to mark favorite network interfaces, two new dashboard themes called Cardo and Cardo Dark, new grouping option for email notifications, a new tag library option and much more.

Customers can upgrade by logging into their account on our web site. If you are currently evaluating FrameFlow, download the trial edition again and run the setup to upgrade while preserving all of your settings.

FrameFlow v2020.1 Beta 1

There's a beta release of FrameFlow v2020.1 available. Version 2020.1 will introduce a new Info status level that sits between the existing Success and Warning levels. Info status appears in blue and is best used for conditions that you want to know about but don't really qualify as a full-blown alert.

In this release the Info status level is available in the Windows Update event monitor and in the File event monitor. In the official v2020.1 release, which is due in mid-February, it will be available in the majority of the other event monitor types as well.

Existing customers can get the beta release by logging into their account on our web site. If you are currently evaluating FrameFlow, and would like to try the beta, get in touch with our support staff who can provide you with instructions on how to access it and upgrade.

FrameFlow v2019.5 Released

We released FrameFlow v2019.5 today and it is now available in our portal for all licensed customers. This release is largely a maintenance release that delivers fixes for a number of issues that were recently reported.

You can download the licensed setup from your account. If you are in the evaluation phase, you can download our evaluation version again to upgrade. Either way, all of your settings and configuration will be preserved.

FrameFlow v2019.4 Released

FrameFlow v2019.4 was released today and is available in our portal for all licensed customers. Some of the highlights include improved monitoring for Office 365 status, updated email templates with better compatibility for some versions of Outlook and a new option to control how many failures in a row it takes before an alert will change its status.

Log into your account now to download and upgrade. If you are using our 30-day evaluation version, then download and install the eval version again. Either way, our setup program will do the upgrade while preserving all of your settings.

Office 365 Monitoring Issues

FrameFlow includes an event monitor that helps you to keep track of the status of the Office 365 services that your organization uses. We're currently seeing sporadic issues where some incidents published by Microsoft are not being made available to our event monitor through the APIs that Microsoft provided us with. We're investigating and looking into various workarounds.

FrameFlow v2019.4 Beta Released

We released a beta version of FrameFlow v2019.4 today. This new version adds improved UI performance, better compatibility for email templates, new date formatting options and a new option to control how many alerts it takes before an alert switches from success status to another status. Licensed customers can get the beta release by logging into their account on our site.

Business Process Monitoring

Most, if not all, applications and business processes are based on multiple components or units, each of which plays an important role in the overall operation of the process. So how do you judge the overall health of the system as a whole? FrameFlow's new Business Process event monitor lets you do exactly that.


Maintenance Windows

Have you tried FrameFlow's integrated support for maintenance windows? Maintenance windows let you define regular periods of time when systems will be down for planned maintenance so you don't get unnecessary alerts about them. FrameFlow has full support for both recurring and one-time maintenance windows. Take a look at our two-minute video that explains how they work.

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Coming Soon: Integrated Support for Python Scripts

Python is becoming more and more popular as a scripting language for sysadmins. FrameFlow v2019.3 will add a new Python-based event monitor. Just like our PowerShell event monitor, this new event monitor will let you integrate your Python scripts directly with FrameFlow's monitoring and alerting engines.

FrameFlow v2019.3 is currently in the testing phase. If you are excited to try our new Python event monitor for yourself, contact us and we'll get you access to pre-release build that you can try for free.

Patch for VMware 6.7 Monitoring

VMware 6.7 disables TLS 1.0 and 1.1 by default. As a result if your are using one of FrameFlow's "legacy" event monitors for VMware you may see connection errors when trying to monitor VMware 6.7 hosts. To work around this we suggest that you switch to using our set of newer VMware monitors. They support v6.7 and offer improved features and functionality. If you prefer to stay with the legacy versions and need to monitor VMware 6.7, contact us for a patch that you can apply to your FrameFlow 2019.2 installation.

Update: The patch is now included in latest v2019.2 release. Log into our portal to download and upgrade.

FrameFlow v2019.2 Updated

We updated the v2019.2 release today to include a few fixes and updates. In particular, we fixed an issue that could affect multi-site communications. We also fixed a problem with system health monitoring using SNMPv2c. Lastly we added new options to control what is displayed on "List of Alerts" dashboard panels. Log into your account now to get build 4553.

FrameFlow v2019.2 Released

FrameFlow v2019.2 add a new top-level feature called Headquarters. Headquarters aims to be your master view of all current alerts. Let's take a look at the new features and functionality.

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FrameFlow and Windows Server 2019

We are starting to see Windows Server 2019 more and more at customer sites. We’ve been working with it for some time as well.

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Effective Monitoring for Linux Systems via SSH

At FrameFlow, one of our primary aims is to be your one-stop unified monitoring solution for all of your IT systems and devices on the most widely used platforms and protocols.

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Windows Server Monitoring: Performance Counters, WMI and SNMP

Windows servers form the backbone IT infrastructure for many business operations, but are often taken for granted when everything is humming along...

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FrameFlow 2018.5 Released

We are very happy to announce that FrameFlow 2018.5, our fifth major update this year, is now available for download. Highlights in this release include...

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FrameFlow 2018.4 Released

We are very happy to announce that FrameFlow v2018.4 is now available for download. Users with perpetual licenses or active subscriptions can...

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Coming Soon: New Icons

As I write this, our development team is preparing v2018.4 for release. Version 2018.4 is a major update and we’ll be posting here in the coming days to tell you more about the features and updates that it includes.

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Effective Smart Building Monitoring with SNMP

The term “smart building” is currently buzzing in commercial real estate circles around the world. Thanks to the exponential growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), many new buildings are incorporating network-enabled building management systems...

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Benefits of Agentless Monitoring for IT Systems

Many server and IT systems monitoring solutions require that you install “agents” on the machines that are being monitored. This blog post explains why, in today’s security environment, agents introduce unacceptable risks.

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Unified Monitoring for All Your IT Systems

You probably manage a lot of servers to power the information and data processing needs of your organization. Some of these servers may be in the cloud, but other servers...

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Monitoring IIoT Performance

Many have referred to the Internet of Things (IoT) as the “third wave” of the internet evolution. Consumers can’t help but notice the increasing array of connected devices coming online, ranging from washing machines and refrigerators to...

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SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3: All About SNMP

As the adoption of internet enabled devices continues to explode across all manner of consumer and industrial applications, so too does the need to monitor the performance and accuracy of such devices on your networks.

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Increased Monitoring Throughput in v2017.1

Since the beginning we’ve focused on monitoring performance, tuning our monitoring engine and our data storage technology to eek out the best gains possible, allowing you to monitor more systems with fewer resources.

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FrameFlow Server Monitoring: Key Features

We fully understand the importance monitoring all the various IT systems that are critical to your business operations including: servers, routers, switches, HVAC systems, temperature sensors, back-up power supplies and virtually any type of device with an IP address.

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Server Monitoring: Top Five Issues

We continually strive to offer a robust and versatile server and IT systems monitoring solution for a variety of enterprise customers, we’ve noticed that there are several common issues, some of which are interrelated, detected by our software across the board. Here’s a rundown on the top five:

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Syslog Monitoring with FrameFlow

FrameFlow v2016.6 added syslog monitoring. Let’s learn a bit more about the syslog protocol and how to make the most of it with FrameFlow.

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Farewell to 32 Bits

FrameFlow is making the move to 64 bits. Read more to find out how it affects your monitoring configuration.

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Dell iDRAC Monitoring

FrameFlow v2016.6 introduced new monitoring options for Dell iDRAC systems. With iDRAC monitoring you get visibility about hardware issues like failed disks, failed power supplies or chassis intrusion. Let’s take a closer look.

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Faster SNMP Monitoring with GetBulk

In our 2016.5 release we implemented an important performance enhancement for SNMP monitoring. Let's look at the details. SNMP is the workhorse protocol of system monitoring especially when it comes...

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Case Study: Wireless Network Monitoring

We work with customers and partners in all kinds of IT areas. Recently we’ve been working with a wireless Internet service provider to monitor and manage backhauls and hundreds of wireless radios.

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Techniques for Fast and Efficient Server Monitoring

FrameFlow is highly customizable and offers a wide variety of monitoring options. We’ve designed it that way on purpose to give you the flexibility to build out your monitoring configuration in a way that best suits your work environment, practices and policies.

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Five Best Practices for Network & Server Monitoring

Your servers, switches and routers are the core of your operations so of course it’s important to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to get early warning about potential problems. With this set of five best practices you can optimize your server monitoring configuration.

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