FrameFlow v2016.1 Released


We released v2016.1 today and our first new update this year delivers a set of fixes for recently reported issues. If you’re running on an earlier version we recommend that you upgrade when you have a chance and take advantage of the updates included in this new build.

Some highlights include:

– Fixed an issue with subtitle displays for rackmount network diagram objects.
– Fixed a problem with marking events as viewed when they are selected in a list.
– Fixed a user interface problem with a setting in the SSL Certificate event monitor.
– Fixed a problem with the option to exclude success text in notifications.
– Fixed problems with running script notifications at remote sites.
– New option to always send email summaries.
– Fixed various issues with email summary content.
– Fixed a problem with using https links in web panel dashboards.
– Fixed a problem with selecting multiple monitor groups in some dashboard panel types.
– Fixed issues with choosers on multi-site dashboards.

In parallel we have been working on a major update that will focus on dashboard improvements and add some amazing new utilities that can be accessed from right inside the FrameFlow interface. We don’t yet have a fixed date for the next release but we’re aiming for early March.

FrameFlow Support

Patch Tuesday for October 2015


Here we are: Patch Tuesday again. This month Microsoft has delivered just six fixes but several of them are “cumulative updates” so they in fact contain a multitude of fixes. Of the six major items, three of them are rated critical with a risk of remote code execution so as always it’s important to get this month’s fixes rolled out as soon as possible.

For the complete list of fixes see the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October 2015.

Patch Tuesday for August 2015

It’s that glorious time of the month, time for all Windows sysadmins to apply the latest fixes delivered by Microsoft.

This month’s delivery includes 14 fixes with 4 of them rated Critical and the rest rated Important. In the Critical category we find fixes for remote code execution flaws that affect Windows, Office, the .NET Framework and more. Interestingly, in the first Patch Tuesday since Windows 10 was released, we find critical fixes for Microsoft’s new Edge browser too.

The remainder of the fixes address various privilege escalation and information exposure problems.

For the complete list of fixes see the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2015.

FrameFlow Version 2015.2: Behind the Scenes

Building FrameFlow Server Monitor: A Day in the Life

We do our best to keep our software lean and mean. Our business is 100% based on a try-before-you-buy model, so it’s important that we make a great first impression and part of that has to do with the ease of deployment and perception of quality. There are few things we hate more than when we go to download a simple utility to get a job done and it weighs over 500 megs in size.

Keeping our software fast, efficient and small isn’t always an easy thing. We’re sometimes at the mercy of third-party components that we integrate with and sometimes we have to deal with problems thrown our way by the development tools that we use.

Recently we faced a challenge along these lines and here is how it played out…

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