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Telemetry is an add-on service for FrameFlow that adds cloud-based alerting and a companion mobile app with push notifications. Telemetry is available for free to all customers with an active FrameFlow subscription.

Availability Alerts

With Telemetry enabled, your FrameFlow installation will periodically call home to our cloud-based Telemetry platform. If your monitoring system is down or loses outside connectivity for more than a specified time, Telemetry will notify you by sending text messages to your phone or calling you on your cell or landline.

Find the options you see below in Settings > Lost Contact Settings on your FrameFlow installation.

FrameFlow's Settings>Telemetry Settings section

Cloud-Based Notifications: SMS, Email, and Voice

Using Telemetry you can send standard SMS text messages to one or more mobile devices to raise the alarm about conditions that might need your attention.

Telemetry has the ability to call you on your cell or landline. It uses text-to-voice technology to read the alert to you so you know exactly what triggered the notification.

Telemetry can also deliver alerts by email. Simply add a list of recipients and Telemetry will send them monitoring alerts according to the notification settings that you choose.

All Telemetry notifications including SMS text messages, voice phone calls, and email alerts, are all delivered from our cloud-based platform so you don't need a cellular modem, server, or any other equipment.

Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

Telemetry also unlocks access to our mobile apps for Android and iOS. Our mobile app gives you instant access to your list of current alerts. It even has push notifications to let you know when there are new alerts that might need your attention.

Get Telemetry Now

Telemetry is a free service for all FrameFlow subscription customers. To activate Telemetry, make sure you are using FrameFlow v2019.3 or later, then contact us to request your free activation code.

If you have a perpetual license for FrameFlow, contact us for affordable options to convert to a subscription license and get access to Telemetry.

Phone sitting on table with FrameFlow's Telemetry app open and information from Headquarters displayed.