Cloud Service Monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring for Cloud-Based Services

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Cloud Service Monitoring

Moving services into the cloud has benefits across the board. Regardless of whether your IT assets are in the cloud or on-premises, it’s important that you can verify they’re functioning normally. Cloud service providers never have perfect reliability and issues can arise at any time.

Amazon AWS, Microsoft 365, and other major providers all have had issues with service reliability. As various cloud services become more and more relevant, they unfortunately do not always become more reliable.

To combat this problem, we’ve created several cloud-based event monitors to keep you up to speed on what’s going on in your cloud configurations. We monitor Azure, Microsoft 365, and AWS at a high level so you can view and address monitoring problems instantly.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 monitoring requires special attention to detail when it comes to licenses. FrameFlow helps you make sure that the number of licenses available to you is not too many or too few. This helps optimize your end-of-month bill.

It's also important to monitor overall service status to make sure smaller problems don't become big ones.

We have event monitors to cover every Microsoft 365 monitoring need. Read more below.

Microsoft 365 Monitoring

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Microsoft Azure

FrameFlow also supports Microsoft Azure. We offer event monitors that keep track of Azure spending as well as a monitor that detects and auto-onboards new Azure instances. To read more in-depth about each of them, click below.

More on Azure Monitoring

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Amazon AWS

Our arsenal of AWS monitors will help you keep aspects of AWS like billing, EC2 metrics, CloudWatch services, and more in check. Click below to learn what FrameFlow can do for your Amazon Web Services.

AWS Monitoring Solutions

Cloud Monitoring and So Much More

FrameFlow makes it easy for you to keep on top of hundreds of different metrics. We have an event monitor for every occasion and we encourage user feedback to drive our product in new directions. It only takes about five minutes to install FrameFlow and set up your first event monitor, so download our free trial and get started now.

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