Network Monitoring

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Network Monitoring

A list of preconfigured SNMP Event Monitors from FrameFlow

Network monitoring is an important part of ensuring smooth operations. Your network is the backbone that makes sure your vital systems can communicate with each other. It is critical that you maintain peak network health and FrameFlow has the tools to help you do that.

With FrameFlow, you can monitor interface status, port bandwidth, uptime, and much more on all of your switches, routers, firewalls, and other networking gear. Best of all, it's all done through our point-and-click interface so you can quickly get the metrics you need to make operational decisions.

Monitoring + Visualization

With FrameFlow, you get all of the metrics and alerts that you expect from an enterprise IT monitoring system but you also get world-class visualization. Seeing is believing and when it comes to staying on top of IT operations, there's nothing more powerful than beautiful network diagrams that show both status and topology.

Use FrameFlow's built-in network diagram editor to build displays that match your view of network structure. It's all done right in your browser. Then take your new creations and display them on a large screen in your network operations room so everyone is on top of network status.

Deep Support for SNMP

Screenshot of settings for FrameFlow's SNMP Bandwidth Event Monitor

In the world of networking, SNMP is the universal method for getting data about interface, bandwidth, status, and more. Even though the "S" in SNMP stands for "simple" it still has a reputation for being very difficult to use.

It doesn't have to be that way though. FrameFlow hides all of the gory details about MIBs, OIDs, and symbolic names and lets you get the network metrics that you need through a point-and-click interface.

Simply choose the thresholds that you want to use for alerting and then FrameFlow will continuously monitor the values you choose, alerting you whenever something exceeds a limit.

FrameFlow includes a library of over 55 SNMP-based event monitors and we're adding more all the time.

Integrated SNMP Browser

If you're an experienced SNMP professional, FrameFlow has you covered too. Use our integrated SNMP browser to scan your SNMP gear and see the full set of values that it supports.

From the list, you can choose the values that you want to monitor and create your own custom SNMP monitoring in just a few seconds. You can monitoring just one value or large sets of values all in one check. You can even apply the same checks to groups of devices, giving you an easy way to monitor value across a wide range of similar devices.

Screenshot of FrameFlow's free SNMP Browser

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