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FrameFlow: Your Unified Monitoring Solution

FrameFlow is the IT monitoring system that helps you to keep track of all your vital IT assets. Monitor your servers, switches, routers, power supplies, firewalls, networking gear, printers, power equipment, cooling systems, and much more. FrameFlow's vendor-neutral approach eliminates the need for multiple incompatible monitoring systems and delivers consistent monitoring and alerting to help you and your team stay on top of system status.

System Health Monitoring

Disk space, CPU usage, bandwidth, and memory: These are the fundamental metrics for measuring the health of your IT systems. If any of these resources are running low, your staff needs to know right away so they can take corrective action.

FrameFlow’s System Health Event Monitor watches all four of these metrics. It alerts about any systems that are running low on resources and collects long-term data helping you to spot trends and patterns. All this valuable information is made available to you in graphs, dashboards, and reports. With full support for Windows, Linux, and SNMP-based systems, FrameFlow is your unified solution for system health monitoring.

System Health Interface Panel
Network Monitoring Graph

Network Monitoring

Your network is the fabric that connects your IT systems. Keeping track of its health is of vital importance.

FrameFlow has the tools for that job too. Our deep support for SNMP allows you to monitor interface status, bandwidth, uptime, and much more on all your switches, routers, firewalls, and other networking gear.

Best of all, FrameFlow hides the complexity that comes with SNMP. Just a few points and clicks are all you need to get started.

Hardware and Infrastructure Monitoring

FrameFlow has a built-in library of event monitors with support for many popular SNMP-based devices and systems.

You can monitor toner levels on a printer, battery levels on a UPS, outlet temperatures on a cooling system, signal strength for 4G modems, and much more.

Two notable examples of our hardware monitoring features are the HP iLO and Dell iDRAC Event Monitors. They connect to the iLO and iDRAC interfaces respectively and directly monitor metrics from there.

SNMP Monitoring
Office 365 Dashboard

Cloud Service Monitoring

With FrameFlow, you can seamlessly monitor devices both on- and off-premises. For devices in the cloud, we offer a range of monitoring solutions with full support for Microsoft 365, Azure, and AWS.

Receive alerts on metrics like service status, licenses, AWS and Azure billing, and more, all while tracking these metrics on robust graphs.

Build Beautiful Dashboards

FrameFlow's dashboards are infinitely customizable, allowing you to build displays that show the information you need to stay on top of IT operations.

Use drag-and-drop to add graphs, network diagrams, lists, maps, and more. Show dashboards on a large screen in your network operations room, so all your staff members can see status and current alerts.

Custom Dashboard Configuration

Your Single Pane of Glass

With FrameFlow, you don't need different tools to monitor systems running on different platforms. Our single pane of glass view gives you unified insight into the health and operation of all your IT systems. Best of all, FrameFlow scales to meet the demands of even the largest organizations. Whether it’s ten systems or ten thousand, FrameFlow allows you to monitor them all seamlessly and effortlessly.

Much More to Explore

FrameFlow has all kinds of features and functionality for you to explore. There's website monitoring, event log monitoring, Active Directory monitoring, and much more. Try it for yourself by downloading our free 30-day evaluation version. You'll be up and running in five minutes.

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