Multi-Site Monitoring: IT Monitoring from Multiple Locations

Monitor Your Critical Systems Remotely from Your Headquarters

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Multi-Site Monitoring with FrameFlow

Need to monitor and manage IT metrics across multiple physical locations? FrameFlow has you covered.

Multi-site monitoring setup with FrameFlows is simple. First, install the FrameFlow master console at your headquarters. Then, on just one system at each remote site, install the FrameFlow remote node. The remote node calls home to the master console using secure HTTPS/SSL. A single remote node can monitor hundreds or thousands of systems at your remote site.

Diagram example of a multi-site FrameFlow configuration.

With FrameFlow's agentless multi-site technology, the monitoring is done at the remote site and only the results are sent back to the master console at your headquarters. The master console takes those results and uses them to populate dashboards, generate reports, and send alerts about any conditions that may require attention.

One Master Console

Remote nodes run in the background. They have no interface of their own because all monitoring, management, configuration, and reporting is done from the master console which runs at your headquarters. This gives you and your staff one master view of monitoring operations for all systems across all of your locations.

Diagram example of a multi-site FrameFlow configuration.

Multi-Site Communications

Remote nodes call home to your master console over secure HTTPS connections. Since all communications are initiated from the remote node, there's no need to open any ports at the remote sites. They can reside safely and securely behind NAT and/or firewalls.

Setting up a new remote node only takes a few minutes. Just run the remote node setup on one node at the remote site. The setup utility will install all the necessary components and will even verify that it can successfully contact the master console at your headquarters.

Lost Contact Notifications

FrameFlow keeps track of when it last heard from each of your remote nodes. If it hasn't heard from a remote node for longer than a specified time, FrameFlow will alert you.

Each remote node also keeps a log file recording recent connection attempts. This gives you a quick and easy way to determine why a remote node isn't able to call home.

Multi-Site Monitoring, The Easy Way

Multi-site monitoring is easy with FrameFlow. Our free 30-day evaluation version lets you try all of FrameFlow's features, including multi-site monitoring. Try it today and see for yourself!

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