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FrameFlow's newsletter goes out once a month and contains no advertisements. While our change log is a good option for viewing a summary list of changes with each update, the FrameFlow monthly newsletter goes further in-depth about some of the most exciting news. Our subscribers are among the first to learn about new features, updates, and projects as they come out. Read on to find out more or click here to subscribe or browse past newsletters.

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What to Expect as a Newsletter Subscriber

So far, we've sent out 72 newsletters over six years, all of which contain nothing but the latest news about FrameFlow, including new updates and event monitors. As a subscriber to our monthly newsletter, you can be sure that you'll never receive spam, promotions, or third-party advertisements. Our newsletter goes out once a month only.

Receiving a Newsletter

Subscribers are the first to be notified about new releases and features, allowing you to keep up with important updates as they arrive. In 2022, we had 14 updates and in 2021, we had 16. These updates are always mentioned in the newsletter, so if you don't see them immediately on your own, you'll receive a monthly reminder to keep your software up to date.

Newsletter subscribers tend to know about more features and functionality than regular FrameFlow users. Plus, occasionally, you may receive the opportunity to test new features pre-release, so keep an eye out for that, too!

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