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FrameFlow SNMP Browser

FrameFlow has an integrated, full-featured SNMP browser that you can use to find SNMP values and automatically import them into an SNMP Event Monitor. This article will shed some light on this feature and link you to a tutorial on how to use it.

What is SNMP?

SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol, and was introduced in 1988 by a group of university researchers to provide monitoring capability for networked devices over TCP/IP-based networks. By 1990, SNMP was approved as an internet standard by the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) to address a clear and growing need for network management, and has been widely adopted ever since.

About our SNMP Browser

SNMP Browsers are tools for monitoring and managing your SNMP-enabled devices. FrameFlow's free SNMP browser supports SNMP versions 1-3 and also has an extended scan option, ensuring that the output contains every single value you may want to monitor. Discovered values will be organized into a table for easy access.

List of Retrieved Values

Benefits of Using FrameFlow's SNMP Browser

FrameFlow users have the added benefit of being able to automatically export the desired values discovered by the browser to an SNMP Event Monitor. This saves you time by finding the exact values and pre-loading them into the "Items to Monitor" section of the event monitor.

Auto-Importing Values

Even evaluation version users can take advantage of the SNMP MIB Manager that comes with the SNMP browser. With it, you can upload a MIB file to match a retrieved value from the browser's list. You can also test your MIBs with this tool to ensure dependent MIBs aren't missing.


FrameFlow's SNMP browser is most powerful when used in combination with FrameFlow's dynamic SNMP monitoring features. To learn how to use the SNMP browser, click here. Are you new to FrameFlow? Download now to take it for a spin for free for 30 days and start taking advantage of its enterprise IT monitoring features, including world-class support for SNMP.

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